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Fuck Me I’m Lonely

Karen put her fat pussy on William’s face while she sucked on Tony’s thick cock. As she pleasured both men she thought about what would happen after they squirted cum in her mouth. She didn’t want to spend a night alone again so she sucked his cock slow making sure he wouldn’t cum. Massaging her fat bottom onto William’s face she heard him exhale a lustful moan as he stroked his cock. As both men hit their highest climax Karen realized she would be alone again. Sucking both cocks as they fill her mouth with cum in walks the janitor to empty the trash in the office. As he stood by the door watching he rubbed the front of his pants. Smiling at Karen he took out his cock and began massaging it in his hands. Karen’s Pussy throbbed as she watched him. Then she forgot about being alone when the other janitor walked in.

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