Confession: 172

Exploring a deeper meaning to lust, we became soaked in pleasure. Hands bracing for his entry I felt naughty lips on my innocent neck. In a twist of fate, my yearns taught him what excites me. Powerful thrusts put us in sync like a drug filled dance recital.

Pounding one, I gasp as water tickled my face.

Pounding two, put my nipples at odds with a steamy wall.

Pounding three, shook my body to its core as he asked me,”Who pussy is this?” The pleasure left my brain in a pool of confusion but I had only one answer.

“This pussy is mine, I am Livia Flair.”

Confession: 171

The lights faded with ease as if the movie before me had ended. On both knees, he unzipped my tall boots. Then a smile, came with a question. “What other man would be so gentle like this?” I looked into his eyes then pressed my lips upon a curious mouth. Falling back onto the bed, he laid into my curves kissing all over. My strength turned on but I was weak just for him. Then a second question came. “Tell me what you want, I will do anything for you.”