Strangers:Audio Story

It has been said, the best time is with someone you don’t know. In the moment you completely lose yourself. Fears become passion as you eat her pussy like a hero. His cock becomes the number one thing you love to ride. No names to exchange, we are just together for a good time. Shhh… I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

Best Regards

Livia Flair

Confession: 185

I laid on the couch not knowing he was watching me until I opened my eyes. No smile as he looked at me, we both became alert standing in the living room. His desire became that of a servant, asking me what I would like to eat. A bruised pineapple sat upon the kitchen island and I pointed at it like a child. A smile gave away his own childishness as I sat on the bar stool. Gently chopping the pineapple, he explained to me how he used to grow them back home. Soon the sun highlighted our greedy fingers as we pushed juicy pieces of the yellow fruit into our mouths. Eyes upon eyes, he pressed his dark lips to mine kissing my sweetness away. Pressing firmly against me, I became queen of the kitchen island sitting on its cold surface.

“Is this how you start your Saturday morning?” I said as he lifted up my shirt then softly sucking on my nipples.

“Yes this is how I want every Saturday morning to go with you.” As he decorates my nipples with pineapples. We both give our best, as he pulls me into a hug. I then become so in love with his touch that I forget we are just friends. Then suddenly he kisses down my neck and tells me, “I can’t be without you.”

Confession: 184

The ending hurt more than the beginning. I left his arms as a new hero became all I ever wanted. My pussy never felt this kind of relief as his tongue traveled wet dreams. We both became brand new as our bond tightened. I knew he was the one long ago but my eyes failed to see it. Locked up in bad lustful thoughts, made weird clocks tick forever. I knew better but damage had been done. Now I can rest easy because what I should of had all along is right by my side. (Joe)