Confession :189

After endless chats, I gave into what my body craved. The light flashed and suddenly all eyes were on me. I slowly took off my bra as the room flooded with comments.

“Rub your nipples baby .” An older guy typed in the chat.

I pulled at my nipples slow then let them snap back. Wet cocks filled the private chat as I slid off my panties. Hungry for attention, I parted my pussy lips then rubbed it softly. This intense feeling invaded my pure thoughts as I rubbed my clit faster. Throbbing lips tore at my innocence as I came onto my two fingers. Then without warming I cut off the cam and went to sleep.

Confession : 188

There he stood, tall and brave while soft snow took over his lashes. Encouraging me to smile, I stood before him frozen by his beauty. A scruffy beard, brown eyes and confidence of one hundred men made me blush. On this occasion outside of an airport he became the object of my desire. Leaning into him I took advantage of his lips while pressing my body into his wall of fantasy. Erect upon my touch, we held each other not wanting to let go. Then time came after us like a thief and we had to go our separate ways.

Confession : 187

When I want to be fucked, it has to be right. He was not good enough, so I called Jovan to rescue me. Jovan plays no games and takes my request personal. Undoubtedly the best lover I ever had, he kisses me like a princess. Body close to warm sheets, he serves my pussy the right kind of medicine. Deep strokes fill me up like a good meal. I take my time with emotions because he goes hard for me all night. The real treat is when his cock glides slow against my wet pussy. This signature move sends an electric wave through my body causing me to cum with no warning. Then like a king, he wants all of me and takes my cries into his mouth. My nipples harden again as I cum over and over. Jovan knows me so well that it’s no question when he fills my throat. Every inch of him is like glory and I take his flood in generously. So to hell with the other guy, I’m built only for a king.