My Baby

Jason loves to touch me. In the movies I sit on Jason’s lap like a good girl grinding on his cock. In the store he holds me from the back then puts his hands under my shirt. No one knows what he is doing but I know. Nipples become his playground as kisses fall upon my neck. Laying in bed, no matter the time he spreads my thighs. Thirsty for satisfaction he tongue kisses my pussy until I cream. I can barely sit at work without thinking of him. Throbbing at my desk I send him a quick text, saying meet me for lunch. No one could love better, this I know for sure. So when I drink his last bit of cum we become one. Then as others dress in jealousy I smile as he licks my ass from the back.

Something About Her

Beyond comparison, you match no one my love. Standing by the balcony, fresh moonlight catches you at the right angle.


I’m just some, unworthy man lost in what is before me. An outlined silhouette, embraces a silk robe that kisses your nipples just so. Begging to be sucked, they sit up neatly hiding by the robes edge. Noticing the thirst between your thighs, I move towards you. Then I surrender this moment to you, in hopes we form something new.

Professor Dick

I’m a talented professor at a large university. My focus is in biology and I teach six days a week. The only reason I teach on Saturday is because I have nothing to do. I don’t go out much nor do I entertain others. You would think that a handsome man like me would be out a lot but no. I rather not get into relationships because for the most part they end badly. Besides my life is still entangled with a past relationship. Also I am partially disabled due to a car accident a year ago. I moved to a new place shortly afterd the accident. The rehab center in Atlanta is way better than the one in Kentucky. My legs are partially paralyzed. I have no feeling in my lower thighs and feet. It’s been hard but I have cried enough tears to fill a river. Now I just keep myself busy with work and outside opportunities writing papers. One day I was grading some papers when Dean Kirkin came into my class.

I turned around in my wheel chair, then watched her walk towards me.

“David you submitted a transfer to the south campus, why?”

“Well I want a smaller class room so I won’t have to wheel myself around a large room, like this one.”

She looked at me then pressed both hands to her forehead.

“Fine, anything else you would like? Because you barely talk to me anymore.”

I turned back around not wanting to engage in the drama she would unfold. My coldness gave an answer without words, so she left. Back to grading papers, I decided to cut my day short then leave.

At home I felt warm and comfortable. I made tea every evening and watched any new movie on Netflix. As I hopped out my wheel chair to sit in my favorite place there was a knock at the door. Usually I ignore everything once I’m settled but this was loud knock. I got back in my wheel chair and headed to the door. Upon opening I see the Dean standing in a black trench coat. Katrina, used to mean a lot to me before the accident but I changed. I didn’t feel like we could continue with my current situation so I stopped talking to her. I wanted to shut the door but her sparkly brown eyes captured me once again.

She came in taking off her trench coat then sat on the couch. Revealing a tight black tank and short skirt, she took my hand into hers.

“I know it hasn’t been easy but I miss you so much. Please talk to me, you don’t have to be alone.”

“Katrina, stop and go home. I am not who I used to be.”

I pulled my hand back then turned around facing the door. I thought she would get the hint and leave.

“Remember that day, we fucked all night. You felt so good inside of me. Then in the morning we woke up and made massive pancakes then cut strawberries.”

“Katrina please stop!”

She stood behind my chair then slowly turned me around to face her. Two big breasts with hard nipples dazzled my eyes. I felt my cock get stiff but I tried to ignore it. Then for some reason I closed my eyes and I began to cry. Katrina then sat on my lap, pressing her breasts into my chest. She felt so good against me that my tears stopped flowing. I looked into her eyes then wondered why she wanted me.

She pressed her lips into mine then sucked on my bottom lip slow. An energy went through my whole body and I felt compelled to kiss her back. Lips locked in a forever kiss, I felt her hands on my cock. Just the touch made me so hot, I took off my shirt. In a riding position I reached under her skirt and felt her fat wet pussy. I rubbed her swollen lips softly which made her grip my arm. Right then I remembered how her pussy tasted and that I loved her.

Her hands firmly on my cock. She stroked it up then down making me so fucking horny. I didn’t know what I wanted her to do first but I knew this felt good. Slowly my cock poked up inside her. She rotated her hips slowly making me feel what I had been missing. Bouncing up and down on my cock her tits swayed slowly in my face. She pushed one into my mouth and I sucked her fat nipples. She was so horny she turned around bending over letting me fuck her anal. Oh my god, it made me want to jump out my chair and fuck her against the wall. As I became aware of my needs I exploded in her ass watching slippery cum ooze out. The dribble down in between her cheeks made me ambitious. Katrina massaged my cum into her cheeks which made me hard again. Looking at her pussy from the back was like watching art. I slowly parted her ass cheeks then tongued her pussy from the back. Her body trembled and she came fast on my tongue. In this moment is was like nothing had changed.

I rubbed her clit as she stood up. She turned back to me smiling. Then put both hands on the arms of my chair.

“You haven’t changed and all I want to do is be with you. Let me in your life.”

I smiled somewhat and told her let’s go to my room to sleep. She slept in my arms all night then I remembered I’m still her husband.