I Miss

I miss those long night calls. Where the love was so deep it went through my veins. I shared my dreams and you soaked it all in like a sponge. Lost in my world, you were happy to have any piece of me. Dark nights when tears left my brown eyes you were there to comfort me. Unconditional love became the fabric of our relationship. Nipple to lips, you showed me who I really could be. I learned to be free with you and smiles got bigger. Some days no words could describe so you part my thighs. Slow kisses and sweet sucking turned me on. As our closeness became blended, you forgot about me.

Back to Me

I lay awake in wonder, looking at my king. Beautiful in every way, as your back faces me. Anger is not your character, you are just full from lust the previous night. A thousand times we have been like this. I know exactly what to do just like every morning. Moving closer I press my breast against your back. This sends a charge through you which causes movement. My leg becomes a willing victim, as it wraps your body. This embrace brings soft kisses to my hand as you turn facing me. Then we meet with young smiles, saying words that stay between us. “I love you more than the world could know.” Then as our youth expires, we toss pillows and surrender to the sheets.


There is something crazy about us. No such thing as sex between us, just lust. We exchange senses like sweet gum between sexy lips. You know what I want, from the back nothing less. I know how you feel, two fingers in hungry for a taste. In heated moments, you defuse my power, showing me something new. I expose, everything bad about you as we link up in forbidden positions. Then as we rise together, our sensual moans bind us forever. As I said, there is something crazy about us and I love it.