Dance with me

“Honey we have to be there by 9 o’clock.” Tim said while straightening his bow tie in the mirror. Katherine stood in the bathroom trying to fix the broken zipper on her dress.

“I’m too fat for this dress, go without me.” Katherine said as she tried to hold in tears. Tim pressed for time took Katherine by the hand and led her to the bed. As he sat next to her in walked Curt. Getting down on bended knee he looked at Tim with a smile then kissed Katherine on the lips.

“Katherine, we both love you, nothing you can say will ever push us away. Curt said as he planted himself in between her big thighs. Katherine looks at them both then puts her head down.

“But I’m too fat for this dress and it won’t zip!” exclaimed Katherine. Curt looked back at Tim’s sad eyes then holds to Katherine’s waist. As he looks upon her curvy frame he smiles then slowly takes off her dress. Small kisses trail up her back as Curt looks at Tim with wonder in his eyes. Tim then kisses the top of her shoulders as Curt pushes her chocolate nipple into his mouth. He sucks slowly with eyes closed while watching soft moans escape her lips. Curt then rises to meet her lips then sucks them into his as Tim holds her from behind grinding his cock against her ass.

Whispering into her ear as Curt keeps sucking her lips Tim says, “We love you and we knew this dress didn’t deserve a body like yours.” As Tim stepped away he quickly came back with long red dress. Curt moved from her lips and placed the dress in front of her eyes. Tears started to fall as he helped her put the dress on. Tim stood in back and gently zipped up the dress perfectly. Katherine, watched herself in the mirror admiring her beautiful frame in the dress.

“I love you both thanks for taking care of me always, now let’s go we have an event to get to.” She said as they took her by the hand as they walked towards the door.


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