Role Plays

The Janitor (Play by Liviaflair)

Scene: Brewster is mopping the Office hallway when Professor Lorina approaches him.

Lorina: Do you always have to mop by my office door Mr. Brewster?

Brewster: Ms. Lorina we argue over this daily, I’m starting to think you want something from me.

Lorina folded her arms into the next while rolling her eyes at him.

Lorina: Trust me, you have nothing I want

Brewster: Is that what you think?

Lorina: Look don’t mop in front of my door or else

Brewster tightens his grip on the mop, then moves closer to Lorina.

Brewster: I have a fat and long cock. I could bend you over right now and fuck you to the next bell rings. Your ass could be a part of my daily tasks but you are too much of a bitch for all this good cock. So I’m going to do my job like I’m paid to. So I suggest you move from my sight.

Lorina stood with her mouth partially open, then ran her hands over her erect nipples.

Lorina: I’m sorry Mr. Brewster but would you reconsider? Please step into my office

Brewster smiled while rubbing his hard cock following behind Lorina.

Brewster: I’m sure we can make this work Ms. Lorina

Exit -Cut scene

One Heart for Roaming

Fade In:


           Javel stands at her door, dressed in a black tuxedo holding one red rose in his right hand. Nervous he rings the door bell and awaits for her answer.

           The door opens..

                     Javel what are you doing here?

           Before she could say another word, Javel moved in closer to her and placed a finger to her lips.

                     I came her to tell you how I feel
                     about you or about us really, and
                     before you have a chance to say
                     much of what you said before let me
                     do what I need to do.

           Javel reaches for her hand and places the red rose between her fingers and looks deep into her eyes.

                     Summertime remember? firs time I
                     seen you, you were in the farmers
                     market looking over some ripe
                     strawberries. My first glance at
                     you and instantly my heart had
                     taken me away.

           Javel starts to smile

                     I just thought if I go and talk to
                     you, maybe I could take you on a
                     date, movies or something. However,
                     as soon as I walked up to you. You
                     immediately said, "you don't
                     deserve a woman like me." And
                     everyday since then I been thinking
                     you are right, I don't deserve a
                     woman like you but you do deserve a
                     man like me. Your smile enlightens
                     my soul when I look at you. I just
                     can't help my desire for you and
                     the things I want to do for you,
                     maybe no woman has ever seen. You
                     deserve kisses along the back of
                     your neck. You deserve arms wrapped
                     around your waist. You deserve a
                     life of protection, passion, and
                     support. I may not deserve a woman
                     like you but I can't see the rest
                     of my days without you.

           She smiles back at him, grabs his other hand and leads him into her house.

                                                               FADE OUT