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Story Name : Played with veggies because I was too horny.

I’ve always been a little too horny, I guess. I lost my virginity when I was 14, and there was no going back. Since then, there has been numerous men, women, I’ve had cocks and fingers and vibrators and dildos and strap ons inside me. But something happened a few days back which I want to share with you all.

I was home alone. It was around 7 in the evening. And I was super horny for some reason. I opened my Kik and I have a few men whom I regularly swap pictures and videos with, and I texted all of them. Some of them replied, and things started getting a bit dirty. I was groping my tits, clicking pictures, getting on my fours and sending them pictures of my ass, and then one of them asked me to send them a pussy picture.

I happily sent him one. And a few more. And then he asked me to open myself up. I started fingering myself, two fingers in, three fingers in, four fingers in; he asked me to stop and asked me to fuck my pussy with my vibrator instead.

I got up to get the vibrator from its place, but uh oh, it wouldn’t start vibrating! I ran out of batteries. And I was fucked. I was really horny and I needed to cum, so so badly. And my friend was getting impatient as well. I had no idea what to do!

Until an idea struck my mind.

I ran to the fridge, to see whatever vegetables I had there. I was lucky,I ended up finding a gourd, a wax gourd, a big lemon, and when I came back in my room, I also found a small bottle and a makeup brush.

I was so desperate to cum. I have never had stuck weird things in my pussy before that day but I just needed to cum. So I poured some lube on my pussy, and started with the gourd first. It was pretty big, and it’s skin was rough. It stretched me out like nothing, and I was moaning out loud. I managed to click a small clip and sent it to my friends. By this time I had started fucking my little pussy with that big phallic shaped gourd.

But I needed more. I felt so naughty. So I took the gourd out, and put the wax gourd in. It was smaller in size, but thicker, it left like a small but fat dick in rammed inside me. I just let it stretch myself for a while.

Then came the lemon, it had the biggest circumference out of them all. It was a trouble to get it inside, and it hurt quite a bit, but oh my god it felt so good when I did. My pussy looked absolutely stunning in the photos I took while having the lemon inside.

I was on the verge of cumming by now, I just needed some friction. So I put the bottle and the makeup brush inside, alternating quickly, and started fucking myself. I was howling like a bitch in heat, and soon I was cumming. I came all over my hand, and sent my friends pictures of my glistening hand. They said what a good naughty slut I am, which made me happy.

But the next day, my family returned. And of course, I had put the veggies back in place, and sadly, my mum made a few curries out of those and we all ate.

Only if my parents knew that some of those veggies have been inside their daughter’s pussy…

Teacher’s First Day

It was my very first day at work. John Deer High School. I was so excited but also nervous at the same time. Fresh out of undergrad and with my teaching credential completed, I was young, vibrant, and yes Hot! Definitely for a teacher. I could see all the men, from the maintenance workers to the teachers to principal take notice of me. 28 years young, fit, 120 lbs. Since I was to make a good impression, not that of a slut, but nevertheless an attractive teacher, I wore a pencil skirt tight with a body fitting sweater. Yes, you could see some cleavage, and yes, medium heels were appropriate.

I took extra time this morning getting ready. I showered and shaved my pussy bald, just so I could feel sexy. I live with my boyfriend, but still, my appetite for sex at 28 years young couldn’t be satisfied by he alone. I wasn’t on the prowl, but my eyes were open to see if anyone worth a tease would show an interest.

I was introduced to Mr. Ducati my first day. He was tenured and the head of the Science department. We were both teaching biology. He was in his early forties, fit and very attractive. He had this sophistication about him. Very inviting, warm but yet sexy and mysterious the way he looked at me. Of course on the surface he was charming and polite. But the way he looked at me, I know he wanted to take me. I could see it in his his gaze, he couldn’t hide it. When I turned away to walk to my class, I could feel his eyes staring at my backside. I could feel his eyes looking me up and down, wanting me, desiring me, unattainable to him.

It was part of my routine to smell good and fresh. I dressed attractive and I put in effort to look and feel sexy. He approached me and asked if I wanted to walk with him to the Science building since we were both headed that way. He had a bulge he caught me staring at. I tried to focus on teaching, but without exception, I would fantasize about him taking me, touching my lips with his, kissing me deeply, all the while my panties would drench wanting him. I fantasized that he would take me. I wanted to be his little slut. I couldn’t help myself, he had me soo wet. My panties were so drenched that if he were to touch me, I would explode like a damn breaking. Being the little slut that I was, I went to the door, I locked it, I went back to him, smiling with desire. I grabbed his bulge, kissed him and immediately dropped to my knees. I gazed up at him as I unbuckled his pants and brought out his penis. He was rock hard, and I wanted it in my mouth. My pussy was getting even wetter with every second. He brushed my hair as I sucked him off, his fingers felt so good running through my hair, I could feel his wedding band running through my hair too, and it felt so erotic to do something I shouldn’t. But I didn’t care that he was married, it made me even wetter. I knew that he hadn’t had a pussy this tight in years. He looked as if he was going to pass out from the ecstasy he was experiencing. He couldn’t believe his fuckin mind that the hot new teacher was sucking him off. I could feel that he was about to cum in my mouth but I grabbed and squeezed his thickness and told him, “no, not yet”. Saliva was running from the corner of my mouth.

At that moment I couldn’t decide if I wanted his cum in my mouth or deep up in my pussy. I decided it was time to stand up. I pulled down my panties, I had brand new pink thong from Victoria Secret, I lifted up my skirt and turned around. Mr. Ducati knew exactly what to do. He immediately bent me over, took this naughty slut he had in his hands, grabbed me from the back of my neck, I could feel his thickness go inside my wet cake. He felt amazing, thick, warm, hard and firm. I loved him being inside me. He started slow, whispering in my ear, “your tight pussy is the best I’ve ever had”. He couldn’t resist me. I gave him what he could only dream of. I blessed him with my sweet vagina. He began to pound me, his pelvis was thrusting and slapping against my buttocks. I couldn’t help but moan out loud. His cock was amazing!, “you like that daddy, fuck me daddy, fuck me, uh huh, mmmmm, yes” my juice was all over him. I came at least twice, then I could feel that he was going to explode, he whispered I’m my ear, “I’m going to cum, where should I go? .” I looked back at him from behind, Cum inside me daddy, cum inside this bitch, you know you want to!” He thrust inside me two to three more times, then I I felt my pussy overwhelmed with his warmth. His milky sperm was thick, backed up probably for weeks. I loved the sensation of him cumming in my tight shaved pussy. I know he loved it too, what man wouldn’t? I loved even more that I barley even knew him. What an erotic fantasy come to life.

He grabbed his cock as his cum dripped from my pussy. I grabbed some tissue paper and placed it in between my legs. I kissed him and smiled innocently. The bell rang, and it was time for each of us to go to our respective classes. “Thank you Mr. Ducati, for taking the time to take me under your wing.” I told him. Sadly for him, I would keep him wanting me as if our erotic encounter had never occurred.

Written by Van Buren