Livia Flair

BBW Erotic Stories 

Excerpt-Confession: 180

I took off my dress then climbed on top of him. His smile made me smile. Although big,  I had no idea how huge his cock was. I just sat on top of it and I watched him smile. It felt so good as I sat on him. His chubby hands grabbed my tits and he rubbed my nipples as  I kept grinding on his cock. I think he had never had black pussy before but he kept moaning. Then suddenly his load of cum exploded inside me. So when I thought it was over he then told me to sit on his face. He ate my pussy so long that when I came my body trembled and I just kept rubbing my pussy into his face. 

After that night we lost touch somehow but I will never forget that night. 

May everyone get roses one day like me.

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I want to thank all of you for continuing to read my confessions and stories. Its hard to share some of my most intimate moments but I feel a need to connect with people like me. Those who are not always so confident but push through because that passion is deep inside them. As I always say “lets cum together” Thanks for staying true to me.


Livia Flair