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I am keeping the magic going by creating sexy stories and sharing my confessions. Erotic writing is a passion of mine that has set me free in many ways. I enjoy talking to my readers about their desires,confessions, and fantasies. I am on a sexual high every time I write a story in my bed. You are the reason I keep writing and sharing my experiences. Your support allows me to explore new ways of sharing my content. Thank you for reading – Livia Flair

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Over the years I have crafted erotic stories that reflect on my experiences and fantasies. I continue to write about my life, however I want to explore your fantasies. In order for me to use you as my muse, I need to hear from you. Go to my contact page to submit a fantasy that I can turn into a story. I want you to know that I write for my own pleasure. I think its important to connect and share experiences. I hope you enjoy reading my erotic stories and sex confessions.

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Confession : 199

I am just wild with desire. Every morning I open my legs and tease the most inner part of me until satisfaction. A loop of him fucking my pussy with his tongue relaxes me. Then a realization comes to mind that what I want shall never be. I let the love flow from my veins … Continue reading Confession : 199


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