Summer Story : 1

A window away sits the new guy Roderick who has a thing for sharpened pencils. He came to the firm a week ago and I have kept my eyes on him ever since. I know it’s not appropriate to stare but I can’t help it. He has this one curl that falls right at his brow which bothers him daily. Every so often I feel like walking up to his desk separating the annoying curl. I know it’s foolish of me to think that far, but he emboldens me to be naughty without effort. Like superman saving the day, he remains focused while staring at data. Periodically Roderick has a habit of removing his glasses when work becomes overwhelming. Sometimes I want to go to his desk and relieve his stress. I often daydream about fucking him as our boss watches. 

Not long ago we experienced an encounter in the mailroom. The bigger boxes were on the topmost shelf which I tried to reach like a little kid. I naturally extended my arm to grab the box when Roderick came to my heroic rescue with an assist. As he gave me the box, we both stood staring at each other. We exchanged child-like smiles then he walked out of the mailroom. Since then I have tried to capture his attention but with no luck. Shorter skirts and revealing shirts never caused him to pay me any attention. Every day all I could think about was fucking him anywhere. I imagined fucking him in the bathroom, mailroom, and my boss’s office. I wanted to feel his touch and kisses all over me. As I sat with feelings of desire, a rare event changed everything. 

As Roderick and I entered the elevator, a fire alarm rang through the halls then the door slammed shut. In an emergency, the elevator is designed to transport you to the top floor of the building. Visibly scared Roderick pulled me into his arms assuring my safety. His scent saturated my body with a sensuality I never felt before. While in his arms I instantly felt a kiss on my forehead. Initially, I naturally thought I was dreaming, but it was real. When we got to the top floor the doors open to the building’s rooftop. Roderick clasped my hand as we left the elevator. We both went to the edge of the building to look down at what happened. Fire trucks and police were scattered everywhere as we observed flames coming from the first floor. Although we were in unknown danger, all I could think about was fucking Roderick. As I began to picture Roderick bending me over, he kissed me on the lips. As I pulled away, he looked perplexed which made me smile. Who knew we both desired the same thing.