The challenge was laid out on a crowded coffee table with onlookers waiting eagerly for me to snort all three lines.

Heart racing I placed my nose to the white pixel-like dust and took in my initial line. A wave of curiosity pushed into my brain and then set everything I knew to be a bother on fire. Then the second line was easier than the first and as I inhaled the third one I felt like a champion. Distorted faces cheered me on as beads of sweat came down like rain. However, it wasn’t sweating, it was actual rain from outside. I had been outside for hours with no knowledge of how I got there, and who was cheering me on. Walking loosely among zombie-like bodies sprawled out on beach chairs, I made my way inside the house.

Half-naked women claw at my clothes as I drop myself onto a crowded couch. I lay there in a daze barely recognizing any of the ladies around me. As my mind plays with me like a toy, two women take off my pants. Sticky salvia brings heat to my hard cock as each one takes me into their mouth. Then as I fall into their web of lust, someone grabs my hand, jerking me away from pleasure. Chasing a dark shadow down a lonely hallway, the strange hand suddenly let go and I fell back onto a bed of silk sheets. As I gather myself into a ball against the headboard, I see a silhouette of a woman. She moves closer into the light holding a black whip in her hand. My body crawls with fear and excitement as I feel the drugs start to subside.

Swiftly I drew in her scent of sweet cherries and vanilla. Confused, I observed as she took off the black panties and project them to the floor. She lured me to the edge of the bed by my legs and then crawled on top of me. She assumed a smile of victory on her face as I succumbed to any desire before me. As I began to consider her needs, I enjoyed a pleasant sensation on my face. Drowning in sensual pleasure unknown, my tongue felt relief while I sucked her clit. Her body assumed absolute control as she massaged her pussy on my face. The fear of devotion came into my mind and then went away as her sweet pussy transported me far away. While she rode my face, her moans began matching mine as we became in sync. Her lips trembled as I fucked her mouth. In sync like passionate lovers, I instantly began to fuck harder. Her hand went into mine and seduced me away from the unusual woman. Lost in every way, my wife stood before me ready to escort me home.