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Working in the make up department is a bitch. All day drawing women new faces while they have the nerve not to purchase anything. Every so often I go to the back room and light up some weed just to phase out.However yesterday change my mode when I met Carrie. Chunky with hourglass curves, Carrie worked in the perfume department. She lost her job at a prestigious bank here in the city and took this job as a temporary fix. I admired her story already, but nothing prepared me for what she had in store for me.

The store usually closes around nine with two clerks to shut everything down. Working there for over two years nothing was new to me. Its Friday night and the boss wanted me to close with Carrie to show her the process. Dusting red blush onto older cheeks I turned to give my last customer a look into the hand mirror. She smiled with no effort and thanked me for the application. I assisted with bagging the purchase as Carrie swiped the card. Following the lady to the door, I gave a quick wave then locked the door. Standing in front of the cash register Carrie stood twirling her long black hair. As I walked up to meet her, I couldn’t help but notice the thick camel toe pushing through her yoga pants. Part of me wanted to cup her fat pussy in my hand, but I knew that would be a bad idea. Catching my eyes locked on her pussy she looks at me with a wicked smirk. I am not going to lie, I had no idea what to do with another woman yet I wanted to find out. Assuming that she knew I was straight I leaned in close enough to inhale sweet cherry blossom perfume. Her glossy lips trembled as she asked what was next for the night. Adjusting my plaid shirt, I told her we needed to go in the back and straighten up the products left by the make up artists.

Walking into the back room, I quickly grabbed two boxes and handed her one. As we sat on bar stools putting the products on the shelf, she dropped a make up brush. Bending over to retrieve it one her buttons came undone.Two chocolate round breast rubbed against each other as if fighting for my attention. Something in me had the guts to open her shirt and stuff those chocolate nipples in my mouth. In my mind, I was doing so many things which made drop the whole box of products onto the floor.Rushing to help she quickly grabbed the bottles then put them back in the box. I thanked her for helping me then I told her about the troublesome button. Her eyes panned to the floor as if she would detect it which made me reply,”Carrie its gone.” Going back to our original plan, we turned on our stools then accidentally bumped heads. We laughed for a moment, but I realized my hand had cupped her breast as if I had recovered it from a crisis. Not shying away from my touch, she pulled me in close for a kiss.

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Preface: This entire blog is mixed with my real experiences and my fantasies. A lot of the writing is not edited because I am just going with my thoughts. So since you are aware my thoughts are the show runner in my stories keep reading. 

Confession: 149

His name to call when he is deep inside me pushing nothing but love. Bathing my lips in sweet kisses between his thrusts makes my pussy smile. The whole package he has is just for me, although I’m forever his agony. We toss among sheets just to find a new position, now this time I’m riding my king. High upon his mountain, he smiles at my wealth of curves as I lean in. Soft suckles of my nipples takes him to a surreal moment of over sized cherries. My eyes by chance connect with his as he tells me, “anytime you want me I’m there.”  Continue Reading More Confessions…


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Do you wonder what position is best for your body? Did he stop texting you and you wonder why? Do you really know how to have sex with a BBW? I don’t have all the answers but I have some experience that might help you navigate through dating and sexual situations. – Livia Flair Sexual Advice




Writers block is not a trait of Livia Flair yet its a superpower to write the best Erotic Stories. Like yesterday I was in the zone as I played with my dildos watching porn thinking about what happened the other day. My sexual encounters remind me of when I was younger sneaking to watch adult movies on Showtime. Today I am that lady I have always watched in those movies who is not afraid of her sexual power. I command that attention always and when I write for you just know this is really for you. The Livia 9NINE is a group of projects that I am working on to bring you closer to me. Don’t you want to be closer to me? When you are reading these stories, I am right there with you laying on my bed with thighs apart fingering my pussy. When you finally hear my audio stories just know I’m right there with you helping you cum a little faster.

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