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For the past years of our relation, my soulmate and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading erotic stories. I often enjoy the Group Sex stories while she is more drawn to sex in office and Exhibitionist kind of stories, but our favorite stories were the playful wives adventures. We’re not much into the cuckold stuff, but we have found some of the hottest, most erotic tales in those stories. Since we have gotten so much pleasure from LFConfessions, I thought it only fair to return the favor and post a story from our adventures. Hopefully, someone will find these events entertaining.

My partner and I love to surprise each other. Sometimes it’s with material things. She’ll get me tickets to a sporting event or I’ll get her a trip to the day spa, sometimes it’s by one of us giving a significant orgasm treat. Well we’ve been together for almost seven years now, so we’ve pretty much tried everything we’re comfortable with in sex and we know what each other likes. Beyond that we also are quite aware of those “chart toppers. “You know, those things that when you do they put your partner over the edge every time. – Continue Reading


Preface: This entire blog is mixed with my real experiences and my fantasies. A lot of the writing is not edited because I am just going with my thoughts. So since you are aware my thoughts are the show runner in my stories keep reading. 

Confession: 1 – The Beginning

Slowly I came into view of the camera smiling at his gorgeous face. Illuminated by the light in my room I instantly became his fantasy. Something like a dream., my chocolate skin lured him in. Seconds after I took position into my chair he had already shown me his hard cock. I blew a kiss to him then pinched my nipples slowly moving my fingers around in circles. I could of stopped there but his stroke kept me all in. Easily he could of been inside of me at that very moment as he stroked up and down his cock. I was so in until he said, “Baby I love you” right then I realized I couldn’t be contained however I said,”I love you too.”   Continue Reading ….


Livia Flair 

Do you wonder what position is best for your body? Did he stop texting you and you wonder why? Do you really know how to have sex with a BBW? I don’t have all the answers but I have some experience that might help you navigate through dating and sexual situations. – Livia Flair Sexual Advice


Preface: Face your fears and do something wild.

The elevator came to a halt, then I watched the tall older gentleman panic. He finally looked at me then asked how would we get out of here. I had no idea how we would get out of there but I knew it could be a worse situation. As the heat rose between us I took off my blouse and tied it around my west. The older gentlemen began to sweat as he looked back at me. Sweat forming tiny bubbles along my neck seeped in between my breasts. Unable to control the rising heat I took off my bra then tossed it to the floor. Wide eye looks from him made me smile as he admired my huge chocolate tits rubbing against each other. I could tell he was aroused so I told him to come closer. He hesitated at first then took off his drenched jacket then began to fondle my breasts with his hands. Cupping them as if water was escaping he sucked on each nipple while rubbing his fat cock. As he began to enjoy every bit of me, the elevator started to move once again which made him stop. As the elevator door came open he had already put back on his jacket. He looked at me with a smile as he got out the elevator. As the elevator door started to close he pried it open with his hands, smashed the buttons with his briefcase then bent me over fucking my tight anal. I never had a ride like that before which is why him and I get stuck at least once a week.-Continue Reading