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Confession: 1 – The Beginning

Slowly I came into view of the camera smiling at his gorgeous face. Illuminated by the light in my room I instantly became his fantasy. Something like a dream., my chocolate skin lured him in. Seconds after I took position into my chair he had already shown me his hard cock. I blew a kiss to him then pinched my nipples slowly moving my fingers around in circles. I could of stopped there but his stroke kept me all in. Easily he could of been inside of me at that very moment as he stroked up and down his cock. I was so in until he said, “Baby I love you” right then I realized I couldn’t be contained however I said,”I love you too.”   Continue Reading ….


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Do you wonder what position is best for your body? Did he stop texting you and you wonder why? Do you really know how to have sex with a bbw? I don’t have all the answers but I have some experience that might help you navigate through dating and sexual situations.

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Fantasy of the Week

Preface: This fantasy came to me because this is something so naughty but makes you so horny thinking about it. Having someone watch you as you do something so bad can feel so good. 

Fantasy # 53

His dad puts me on the kitchen counter, while his wife is at work. He leans in and sniffs my white panties then fingers me as I moan loud in the house. Then he has an idea, he wants his neighbor Billy to see some of the action as he cuts the grass. We go out in the backyard just so Billy could see us. He looks over the low bushes then gives a nod as I bend slightly over feeling Rogers Dad big cock. Fucking on the patio table he rubs my hard nipples as he slams my pussy from behind. Suddenly Billy stops cutting grass and begins stroking his old cock watching us. Eventually he comes over and joins us sucking on my hard nipples as David’s dad fucks me so good.




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IMG_2085_compactSex dolls is on my blog because the first time I seen it I felt a instant sense of curiosity. They look so real and I see why people would want them. Yes they are expensive but isn’t it worth it? Many readers catch me in the chat rooms online and tell me how there is no big women where they live. If you can’t go outside and see a big woman to complete your fantasy then why not buy one?