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Period Sex

Cramps, I hate them. However by day three I am feeling okay. By day three I have had a couple of cookies and ice cream so things are good. I know men tend to avoid this time because who wants to be around a whining woman. I know we complain about this time but if you had to deal with it, then you would want to burn your ovaries on the stove. Even though its a hassle to deal with, it is our most sensual time. 

You haven’t seen wet till there is a red pussy in your face. Yes, its very wet and sensitive. If day one creeps you out then try having sex on day three. By that time there is less blood to deal with. It may seem gross but I have had my pussy eaten on my period and it was the best time I ever had. I think part of the excitement is that its kind of forbidden thing. Also maybe it feels so good because this is the moment when you are so horny. 

I figure, if you are freaked out by this then you are just not mature enough. Sometimes we do the unthinkable to break out of safety. Nobody wants to be bound by the kind of sex your parents probably had. Its time to find your own rhythm and do the kind of sex that will make both of you happy

How to Fuck

If you give her all the dick at once then you will only last for two minutes. Don’t pour out all your energy on the first go, make her want it. Here are some things you can do to slow it down in the bedroom so you can fuck more often.

  • Get into her head a little -ask her about how the day went etc (give her some mental attention so that she has you on her mind)
  • Be powerful in the moment-open your arms to her and allow a natural embrace
  • Look at her directly so she knows that all focus is on her
  • Give one kiss to her neck and walk away. Then ask her if she needs anything like a drink of water. As you leave the bedroom take off your shirt throw it to the floor. 
  • Then just lay in the bed and preoccupy yourself with tv or something. 
  • Now look over at her and notice something about her then just turn away with a smile 
  • you will see the eagerness as her chest rises with anticipation wondering what will happen next. 
  • Then pull her gently on to your lap with her legs wrapped around your waist. 
  • Look into her eyes then softly press your lips against hers 
  • Cradle her into your warm embrace then softly kiss her breasts 
  • As she exhales passionate moans pull her even closer onto your lap
  • Push your dick deep inside then massage her pussy with slow strokes also let her ride you a little as you two become in sync
  • Now pull away from her 
  • Oh! yes she really wants it now, so take her to the edge of the bed then spread those legs. Now pump slowly as her legs rest on your shoulders. 
  • While you are inside massage her pussy with your fingers. 
  • Now pull away again 
  • Pur your face down in her oozing wet pussy then lick her clit right in the center. Its that you spread with two fingers and lick directly in the middle. This way she will orgasm like nothing you seen before. 
  • Now you can go back to fucking 

You are welcome

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