Dating and Relationships

3 Traits of a Bad Relationship

We have all been at this place in life, where it seems there is only one last breathe. The soul searching often begins with numerous ignored calls or texts. I know they seen the text but for some reason there is no reply. We stir coffee till its cold and play songs till each word covers our body like a bad x-ray. The song keeps playing as the coffee becomes ice cold then suddenly they respond. There is no immunity from this pain yet people pretend it never happens to them. A simple scroll through Instagram will leave a bitter taste on a vibrant palette open to anything. Although there is a backstory to reveal, we need to learn how to identify a weak relationship from the start.

Interests turn to dust

Ten minutes and he is still trying to figure out your favorite color before the buzzer sounds during the game. Every time you see each other there is an exchange of sweetness yet no wonder. If there is no exchange of interests then why are we wasting each others time?

Effort weighs heavy on one side

The text rings like an alarm and off you go to be with someone who presents their back at any given moment. Although this person treats us bad, we stand ready like 911 emergency to give them all that we have. From looking nice to being a supportive listener we do it all in the name of love yet there is no return on our investment.

Feeling Lonely

The absolute worst feeling in a relationship is the idea that this battle is yours alone. The movie date yesterday felt empty even though they were beside you. The silent car ride made it clear that this person never connected with you since the beginning. Fallen tears for something that never was is foolish. We are together to make things better, so why is there a feeling of lost?

As you swipe right and left on these potential relationships think about yourself first. Think just for a moment, what you want out of a relationship. Never put all that you desire behind you, instead push it forward. Don’t give time to someone who has no interest in you. Never put all that you have into the relationship then suffer in silence. Find someone who surrounds you with enough love that there is never a lonely day.

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