My neighbor is a nuisance but she comes over bearing gifts daily. “Harry would you like some cookies I made?” I tell her no always but she leaves it by the door and runs across the street. I never eat them but I felt obligated to do so after watching her run frantically across the street.

In the middle of the night I heard soft music come from my neighbor’s house I took a peak out the window. As the music faded away I saw her beautiful silhouette in the shower. Her movements were slow yet sensual as her hands passed over her breasts. Aroused by the sight of her naked body I found myself immersed in her soapy world. The bubbles were endless as she rubbed each breast slowly. Anticipating the next move, I opened my window and sat at the ledge watching her. Her bare pussy is fat with a pink center that made the corner of my lip wet with desire. Then unfortunately the room went dark and my soul felt empty.

Crawling back inside the apartment I heard a knock at the door. My friend Jamal had stopped by to bring me the watch I lost a few weeks back. As I told him goodbye my neighbor came to me with more cookies. I hesitated at first then said, “Is the center of these cookies pink like your pussy?” She smiled then said, ” Yes, you can taste if you like.

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