In Plain Sight

I lay sleepless next to a beautiful woman as she turns to me for comfort. Holding her in my arms, I gently close my eyes ready to dream. Crisp white sheets trap us in luxury as we both fall into a erotic comfy trance. However, suddenly I had awakened to a soft buzz from my cell phone. Gently I removed the goddess from my clutch then I took the call. It was Beth, a woman I had loved years ago. She often would come in and out of my life which is why I call her, sweet dream. Every time she came around trouble followed. As if I am her knight, I would go crawling among broken glass to shield Beth from harm. Softly I gave interest into what her call was about. She sounded frustrated which made me focus on every word. I got up from the bed then walked into the hallway trying to help Beth any way I could. Suddenly I found myself in my car racing to go pick up Beth in the middle of the night. Her issue led me on a journey that would mirror my image to one of an estranged lover.

I arrive promptly at an auto shop, to see Beth standing by a broken-down car. Upon opening the car door, I noticed her firm perky tits pressing against a tight red shirt. A slim skirt gave way to extended legs as she got into my car. Her smile is a rarity that I often don’t see from the woman back home alone in my bed. The dark road took me miles away as I listened to Beth reminiscence about the last time she had seen me. As we kept driving I noticed red painted nails massaging soft thighs. My mouth began to water as I thought about the signal she was sending. However, I am just a driver at this moment nothing more, so I thought.

Just a few minutes from her house, Beth proposed a new direction. Her instructions took me away from well-lit streets to a dark entryway surrounded by trees.
In a dead-end, I turned to say, “Where are we?” My body became like a match waiting for light as I watched Beth slowly take off her shirt.

“I have to fuck you now. I want you so bad!” She said to me as weakness started to set into my soul.

Those words gave me instant satisfaction, but I knew where this would go. I tried to fight the temptation yet desire opened a wave of emotions I hadn’t felt in a while. I sat in the driver’s seat aware as Beth slid the condom onto my hard dick. She wasted no time then got on top of me. A rush came over my body as Beth fucked me like what I deserve. Swollen dick inside of her I felt calm as she kissed me like this moment was meant to be. On a mountainous lust so high, innocence came into view as I came with no hesitation inside Beth. Her hug restored me as I began to remember home.
The ride back home was slow as I began filling with anxiety. I did something so bad but inside I kept smiling. I felt like myself again as I pulled into the driveway. My dick still wet with traces of lust I suddenly began to escape my dream. The condom which was loosely tossed inside the car had caused me to panic right before arriving home. Yet I knew trouble would be on the horizon I became brave anyway. Sliding back into bed, the light suddenly came on. She placed her hand on what she knew to be hers and found out that we are no longer a reality.


My Co-Workers Boyfriend

Shelly and I have a relationship that makes everyone in the office wonder. Sitting on my desk she leans into me with perky nipples pressed into her blouse. I ignore the sight yet her perfume consumes my every thought. She doesn’t realize this subtle tease drives me wild. Neatly tucked blouses, tight black skirts with dagger heels makes everyone in the office take notice. Her presence, alone sends me on a journey to the restroom. Heart racing, I hurry into the stall, pull down my panties then rub my clit. Rubbing back and forth I start to tremble all over. Legs spread apart, cum drips from my pussy. Then right at the moment of climax in walks Shelly.

Instantly she stole my innocence as I became aware of her presence. Black heels kissed the floor with every step. The corners of my mouth began to present a desire unknown to me. My soft panting made me visible to her curiosity. She stopped before my stall door for a moment then continued her journey. I was rattled with excitement yet left in wonder. Did she know it was me? Adjusting my panties then skirt, I quickly exited the restroom. Upon my exit I ran into Shelly. “Hmm someone spends a lot of time in the restroom.” I froze as her words trapped me into a corner. Then as I began to turn away in embarrassment, Shelly calls upon me again. Leaning into my space, she whispers in my ear.

“Next time sweetie when you are rubbing that pussy of yours, make sure your badge is not on the floor.” She hands me my badge with a wicked smile on her face then walks away.

The next day I go into work early to set up a meeting. As I enter the conference room I see Shelly sitting on a mans face. She is grinding her pussy into his face. He has the best of her as she moans loud. I move to the corner not be seen as, I watch her fuck his face. Right then I wanted to touch my pussy, so I could cum with them. Pondering the thought, I leaned into the wall causing a stack of brochures to fall on the floor. Not knowing if they noticed me, I quickly ran from the room.

That afternoon Shelly came around to everyone’s desk with a familiar man. She walked around introducing everyone to her fiancé. Cody, is an ex Marine who owns a digital marketing company. He is tall with beautiful hazel eyes with an athletic body. Shelly approached my desk, glowing like a beautiful bride to be. Siting on the edge of the desk Cody smiled at me. I took a sip of my coffee to distract my self from his charm. Then as my eyes rested upon Shelly he said, “Did the meeting this morning inspire you?” Right then my eyes swelled up like a child and I almost choked on my coffee. Then it became obvious to me they were playing a game.

Work soon became a drug, as I worked on projects back-to-back. When night fell, the office became silent. As I began to push my swollen feet into tennis shoes, I heard someone call my name. It was Cody, standing by the elevator in a dark tuxedo. Shelly nowhere to be seen, I opened the glass door for him.

“Thanks, Shelly left her cell here and I came to retrieve it.Why are you still here it’s Friday night?”

“Well I have been working on a project for Shelly.” I put my purse and keys back on the desk.

Hands in his pockets, he continues to investigate me.

“You are beautiful.”

This random statement from his lips made me smile. Yet I knew he was just being nice. Then as a button popped off my shirt, he caught it in the palm of his hand.

“Are you happy to see me?”

Part of me wanted to believe I was dreaming. I stared into his eyes then realized something about this moment is different.

Not shy about what we both knew to be true he kissed me. Lips melting into mine, he put me on the desk. Legs spread apart, he slid off my panties. I became lost in his world as Cody’s cock filled me with joy. I grabbed onto his strong shoulders as he gave me the best of him. Pushing in then out my pussy became his weakness as he called out my name. Each thrust inside me made the grip tighter. I hadn’t fucked in two years so my pussy captured his attention. Then as we became as one, I got off the desk then bent over. Excited by my proposal he put his long thick cock in my ass. The force was felt through my whole body. Holding on to the desk I reached under and rubbed my clit as he fucked me. Both hands on my ass, I felt his fingers dig into me. My ass became his glory as warm cum filled my hole. At the height of his climax he kept fucking me not wanting to stop. Sexual intoxication took over my body but suddenly I became aware of a new reality.

“Cody, I see you found my phone.”

Numb by her voice I quickly stood while watching Cody stroke his cock.

“Baby come here.” He said as Shelly walked towards him.

She turned sharply then sat on my desk. Cody went to her then put his swollen cock in her mouth. He began fucking her mouth then as I began to put my clothes on she stopped.

“Stop, come here.” She said

Looking at me with a smile. Then as if I returned to that same dream Shelly started to rub my clit. Her power put me in a trance and I began to cum, trembling hard. This moment I had wanted so bad and today it became reality.


April to Zoie

I share with you an everlasting kiss as broken dreams become complete. I love who and what you are. When my body melts into your strength I become stronger. I share my quiet moments with you then the favor is returned times ten. The kiss you laid at my neck, makes me forever young and in love. So today I want to ask you something. Will you be my forever Valentine? – Love Livia Flair