Stroke King

Glossy lips full of cum, she bent over to let the stroke king have his turn. A long fat dick tapped her ass then slowly went inside. Crushed velvet sheets became the landscape to a wet fantasy as he pushed deep into her ass. Eyes upon eyes, stood in silence as each stroke created music throughout the gallery. In and out then stop. In and out and stop again. The slight tease tore at all senses making her pussy ache for his attention. Aware of her distress he put both legs on his shoulders then tongue fucked her anal. Paralyzed by an undeniable desire, she grabbed onto the velvet sheets. Finger tips at her clit made moans come easy. Then as he laid her down on the bed like a queen, she opened wide. Rubbing her wet pussy, the stroke king put his dick inside. She bit the side of her lip as she felt the full power of the stroke king. Going so hard, he shook the bed fucking her like a bitch. Pussy lips sucking every inch of his cock made him scream passionately. The room of watchers had open mouths as they felt his reign deep in their soul. The climax set the room on fire as the stroke king fucked harder making the velvet sheets slide to the floor. Then as she took in all he had the director said, “it’s a wrap.”


Christian worked to pleasure others as he suffered in silence. Smiling faces watched him work daily like a dog. Too full from greed they took all he had. Then one day he fell ill with a severe migraine. The needy became like ghosts in his time of need until he met Nurse Wanda.

Visting hours were over yet Christian laid awake with wonder. Nurse Wanda turned off the light hoping he would sleep. As she turned away he asked one question.

“When the last time someone ate your pussy?” She turned back to him with arms folded.

As a frown gave way to a smile she said,”yesterday.”

Christian readjusted then sat up in bed.

“So who ate your pussy?” Twirling one long strand around her finger she looked at him innocently.

Eyes looking away she said,” my patient from yesterday.”

Christian, rubbed his swollen cock then smiled at Nurse Wanda. Just then, a paper cup fell to the floor. Nurse Wanda bent over slowly to pick it up. Two brown round cheeks became exposed under a white skirt. Nurse Wanda had no panties on as she rose up like a flower. Pussy lips protruding through a tight space made his cock stiffen like a rod of steel.

“Nurse Wanda can you do anything for my swollen cock? I’m a little uncomfortable.”

Nurse Wanda turned to face him then walked slowly to the bed. She rubbed his thigh then slowly stroked his big cock. Her soft hands made his lips part with lustful words. Wanting to make Nurse Wanda feel good to, he reached under her skirt. A wet pussy coated his fingertips as he watched her moan softly. He could feel her wanting to collapse so he guided her onto his lap.

Nurse Wanda wet pussy saturated his cock as she rode him in the bed. Griping his cock , she moved her ass in circles while rubbing her perky nipples. Christian stuffed her tits into his face as she leaned into him while riding his cock. While straddling him her pussy took over his cock like a vacuum. Eyes closed Christian began to cum inside Nurse Wanda. Body jerking slightly, he yelled out then smiled at her. She began to leave Christian when he pulled her back on top.

Nurse Wanda sat on his lap not knowing what to do next.

“I know you have to go see other patients but I don’t want you to leave.”

Christian pulled Nurse Wanda in closer then kissed her lips softly. Massaging her chocolate tits into his white hands, he felt his cock stiffen again. Smiling as he kept kissing her, Nurse Wanda put her hands on his chest. Massaging his cock with her tight pussy, she felt a tingle of pleasure. Her moans became like a beautiful song as he stroked her sweet spot. Body jerking as she exploded with cum, Christian held her tight in his arms. Then as she began to collapse, he laid her body onto his chest then put a blanket on top of them.

Nurse Nancy Fucks Patients

Today has been the best and worst day of my life thanks to Nurse Nancy. Im not the type of guy to get into random situations but here I am. Friday nights are what fuel the weekend. I keep to the same pattern hanging with my best friend Josh. Past six o’clock the bar is packed with football fans. Big TVs blare the latest score as open mouths guzzle glasses of draft beer. Josh and I stick to just two beers while chatting with old college friends. Although college is now an after thought we hang out to seal our memories. Laughing all night till about ten, we both decided to leave the bar. Walking out the door sharing old stories we ran into Nick.

Nick is a playboy who loves a good time. We knew Nick since elementary and nothing has changed. He is an asshole who fucks pretty girls then tries to pass them to us. I never take the offer but Josh always binds his cock to whatever pussy he gets. Standing in front of the bar, Nick told us about a nurse he encountered at the local hospital named, Nancy. His description of her was like something out of a fucking movie. Big tits and long hair stroked my curiosity. However he revealed that you have to do something crazy to meet her.

Nick moved in close as if he was giving out top secret information. A casual smirk dressed his face then he said, “Injure yourself right now.” Like a deer caught in headlights we both said, “What?” Then suddenly I felt the worse pain in my life. Nick hit us both in the arm with a bat. Then told us go to the hospital and say, “No Mam.” Since the pain felt awful we had no choice but to go the hospital.

The front desk at the hospital had a different vibe than usual. Usually you see sick faces all through the lobby but no one was there. The nurse at the desk checked us in and then I remembered what Nick told us. That’s when I said, “No Mam.” She looked at me with a raised brow then told us to follow her. We arrived at a room with two beds and were told to put on these blue gowns.

Josh laid on the first bed and I sat on the one by the window. Then suddenly a sultry sweet voice entered the room. Although a curtain divided us, I could see the outline of her silhouette. She walked past Josh then slid the curtain back. My hands tucked behind me under the pillow, I stared at her breasts. Sexy red lips with a pretty smile took me to lala land. A stiff cock, poked my jeans and Nurse Nancy took notice. She came over to my bed then unzipped my jeans. Josh sat on the side of his bed watching like a lurking pervert.

Nurse Nancy had several specialities that kept us intrigued. She blew on the tip of my cock and sucked with authority. I had no control as she then slid my cock between her gigantic tits. Then suddenly she stopped and went over to Josh. She got on the bed and then planted her ass on his face. Josh sucked in all her wetness as she massaged his face. As she stood up, Josh fell back a little then collapsed into a deep sleep. Her pussy must of been like a melodic drug that no man could handle.

Nurse Nancy came back to me then began sucking on my cock. Rock hard I watched her slide down onto my thick pole. Moaning loudly she gripped my thighs bouncing up and down. Her pussy sucked up my cock like a vacuum and I wanted to explode. Then as I held back my climax in walked another nurse. Caught off guard I tried to stop Nurse Nancy but she kept grinding on my cock. The other nurse introduced herself as Big Dick Debbie.

Scared and fascinated at the same time I became a willing participant. Debbie adorned her sexy body with a white short skirt and red heels. Then as I began to climax Debbie lifts her skirt exposing a very large cock. Frozen in passion, my own thirst became irrelevant. Bouncy tits fell out of a tight black bra as she stroked her cock. I went into excitement overload as she walked over to me. As nurse Nancy kept fucking me, Debbie put her cock in Nancy’s mouth. Watching her suck the massive cock made my heart race. Nurse Nancy’s tight pussy squeezed my cock as Debbie fucked her mouth. Drips of cum seeped out of nurse Nancy’s lips as Debbie exploded. A wild glare from her eyes let me know this is not over. She pulled her cock from Nancy’s tired lips and began stoking it once more.

I became unsettled about the situation then my thoughts became quiet. Nurse Nancy jumped off my swollen cock then went up to Debbie. They sucked in each other’s lips as Nancy rubbed Debbies cock. Then as Nancy turned to blow me a kiss in walked two twin nurses. My eyes got so big as I watched them walk to the edge of my bed. Sexy in every kind of way they had blue eyes and chocolate skin. Then without an introduction, one of them sucked my cock while the other sat on my face. Her pussy was like cotton candy and I couldn’t help myself. The more I licked the better her clit felt on my tongue. The seduction over powered all my senses and I began to cum like a waterfall. As I released all this passion I fell into a deep sleep.

Upon waking, I realized something was different. The dark room felt empty, though I could hear footsteps surrounding me. Then suddenly I heard Nurse Nancy talking to me.

“Sir you have been selected as a temp resident of our community. You will remain in the hospital for a few weeks while we fuck you. We get our energy from fucking and when we are done you will be released”

I felt disorientated but intrigued by the whole situation. A few weeks went by and suddenly I found my self outside the same bar with Josh and Nick. Nick had a bandage around his hand. I asked what happen that’s when he said he got injured jerking off. He said, every time he thinks about nurse Nancy he jerks off for hours with no control. Then as they turned to go in the bar Nurse Nancy walks by smiling and says, “See you boys at the hospital tonight.”