Play house

Trouble finds me in the most interesting ways. I began this affair with Tony, filled with lust and desire only to make David my husband mad. Interestingly enough David cheated on me with my secretary Vanessa but her 20 year old pussy failed to excite him so he dumped her. So here we are now, wondering what to do next because our affairs have lost their flame.

Sometime after dinner, we sat staring at each other as if we were strangers among a crowd. Then a knock came to the door, it was David’s father Jonathan. A true father in law indeed, who stood tall and broad like a commander in the army.  I sat next to Jonathan on the couch while David went to the store to fetch a bottle of wine.

Boyish charm and looks, he sat next to me looking like superman as small wisks of grey hair softened against his brow. Blue eyes awakened the night as he looked at me with curious eyes. Sitting close by I noticed him breathing rapidly as our legs slightly touched. In that moment I swallowed the passion I had for him because my husband had returned home.

As the bottle of wine filled our generous glasses David got a call from work. Apologizing for the situation he put on his coat and headed out the door. Not wanting to waste a good bottle of wine, Jonathan and I laughed while consuming the intoxicating drink.

Three glasses later Jonathan pulled off his sweater revealing a white tank along with his dog tags. Staring at the trail of veiny muscles in his arm he flexed smiling at me. As three glasses of wine turned into four I put my hand on his cock as it tent up through his pants. He nodded in submission as I began to pull at his zipper. Pushing through with no effort his strong thick cock begged to be stroked. Soft presses on the head, I stroked his cock up and down. His moans awakened my right pussy with overflowing juices. I stroked faster as he took of my shirt grabbing both of my large breasts. My nipples gave him sweet comfort as he sucked each one. In a pleasure of our own we moved wildly enjoying each other.

Remembering that David could come back at any moment Jonathan pulled down my skirt while bending me over on the couch. His cock slid inside me firmly making me moan as he reached to rub my swollen pussy lips. Ass spread against the couch he fucked me like any commander would then demanded answers.

“You like fucking me or David?” his cock felt so good I felt an orgasm coming on strong and I couldn’t answer his question.

“I’m going to keep fucking this chocolate pussy whenever I want, you hear me?” Lost in a sexual lust my mouth parted but no words could escape it.

“Fuck yea I love this pussy.”

Our passion became something so special as we fucked all over the living room. As he licked his cum inside my pulsating pussy, David walked in the door.

“Damn you guys, I brought the next door neighbor over to fuck you Sarah but I guess the more the better. ”

In walks Keith, behind David smiling at me while rubbing his cock then David says, “Move dad and open your mouth Sarah.”

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