Livia's Office


By Monday our relationship had come to an end which hurt me to the core when he said, “We can never be.” In my mind, I thought this was something temporary and that Josh would realize that I am made just for him. As he left my office, I seen him go to Maria’s desk and ask her out to lunch. My body became numb as he left with her out of the building. I thought about him a lot that day but by Tuesday, I fucked James in the mail room, his thick white cock became the answer to my pain as we tore up the place fucking everywhere. The pain from Josh faded some but at night I would toss and turn thinking about his body hovering on top of mine. By Wednesday, I was in a state of mourning and decided to have a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Although the heat brought intense flames so did Rick, tall with muscles all over his body. He gradually took me by the hand and led me to the back where he dripped vanilla ice cream on my pussy, licking me into ecstasy. By Thursday night I cried for Josh in my sleep, dreaming of him sucking my nipples like a soldier on a mission. Then suddenly a knock came to my door and it was Brad who lived next door. My lips quivered by the sight of him and his long dark hair which blew slightly in his face. “Livia, your mail came to my box accidentally again.” as he handed me the stack of mail. I looked over his beautiful sexy frame, thanked him then closed the door. Thursday was gone and by Friday Josh had escaped my mind completely. At home later that night, I laid on the couch looking through Tinder profiles playing smash or pass. When suddenly a knock came to my door, it was Josh standing in front of me with no shirt just some grey sweats as his shoulder length hair fell to one side. The intensity in his eyes captured me instantly as he pushed me to the wall, swallowing my hands inside his. “You are in my mind Livia, I don’t know how but I don’t want to be without you, ” he said as he kissed into my lips while rubbing my fat wet pussy. We stayed there for a moment sharing our bodies when he said, ” I heard you like vanilla ice cream.”

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