Livia's Office


Taking in slow breathes, I let out a moan as James put my leg upon his shoulder. Together in the coat closet at work, he put my white lace panties to the side teasing my clit with his finger. Breathing in sync, his finger went in and out my wet pussy as I held on to him against the wall. Soft licks inside me, sent me into ecstasy as my fingers found my nipples to play with. In my mind, I began to think about love but this is not love or is it? No matter what its called my pussy felt real good and then footsteps, “Shh….don’t move” he said quietly. The footsteps faded and by this time both my legs were on his shoulders as he went deeper in my pussy. Wanting to come so bad, he would set back a little and watch my lips move as if they were saying come lick me again. The brief pause made me crazy then James began to push his tongue inside once more. His love for my pussy took over his whole body as I seen his cock become rock hard. Ignoring his own lust, his tongue went in and out like a good fuck, making me slide a little against the wall. Then as our high became as one, the door stood open and there was his wife Abbey.

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