Memo 6 : From the Boss


Due to company profits and shareholder happiness, we are having an event. This Gala of sorts is mandatory. Please wear only the following:

A tie

Panties /underwear

A five thousand dollar bonus will be given out to all employees in attendance. However if you fail to show up on time, don’t even think about coming back.

-Livia Flair

Memo 3 : From the Boss


There has been a lot of chatter about who I fucked in the break room yesterday. Truth is I fucked Greg, Tony, and Brulhoun. Now that their positions are vacant, I challenge all of you to do your best in this office. As for bitches spreading rumors, they will be dealt with. Now carry on with your day and please don’t stop sucking cock Karen it will look awesome on your performance review. It’s true we all can’t be like Karen but please try. Don’t forget, Friday is Open Ocean night bring your wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends and mistress to the party. I’m dying to meet them all- Livia Flair

Office Rules

Bold in her desire, Laura wanted Kent. Red lace panties under a tight black skirt emboldened her character. Kent busy with paperwork, suddenly noticed Laura at his desk. Pouty lips became a cocktail of lust as Laura gave him a new assignment. The exchange made the room swell with heat as they became cozy in conversation. Then Jonathan, divided their existence by asking Laura about a bad deal from yesterday. Her eyes diverted to Kent as her stance turned cold. Kent abruptly left the crowded scene as Jonathan regained Laura’s attention. Hard nipples made his lips part as he felt his cock push against his zipper. Innocent eyes, turned away as Jonathan put his mouth on Laura’s nipple through her blouse. Kent came back into view but their moment was lost. A swollen fantasy rose between his thighs as he put Laura on Kent’s desk. His hard cock caressed her deepest wants as Kent watched from the copier. Then as their motion twisted into a new position Livia walked in.

“Laura, how dare you fuck my employee without asking me.”

Jonathan kept fucking her on the desk as Livia delivered a verbal punishment.

“Jonathan come here, to me.” Jonathan pulled out of Laura then stood before Livia. Right then Livia sat in a chair as Jonathan stroked his cock. Laura looked at them as Livia opened her mouth taking in all of Jonathan’s cum.

“Laura you are fired because I’m the only cum swallower in my office.”

Back to work- Livia Flair

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