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My Boss and the Faculty [MMFM] [Oral]

It’s deadline day, and nothing is done at work. I’m so behind on my returns I can’t think straight. I want to quit, but the money is too good. Late nights turn into early mornings as we all scramble to get coffee. On those days we operate like a circus but nobody ever quits. Our boss peeks through his office blinds to make sure we are working. Occasionally he will come out of his stuffy office… Continue reading My Boss and the Faculty [MMFM] [Oral]

Encounters · Livia's Office

Wife Dom: Erotic Short Role Play

Time: Present Synopsis: Jane is at home alone when her husband calls then tells her he is not coming home. His excuse is that he has to work over time. Jane has heard this excuse for the past month and now she wants to know what is going on with her husband Harold. She puts… Continue reading Wife Dom: Erotic Short Role Play

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A Taxing Situation- Office Sex Story

Preface: This office sex story is part of a fantasy submitted to me that I had the honor of finishing for one of my readers. Please enjoy also the pic another reader submitted to me. Sometimes two worlds together can make an awesome fantasy.  As the clock wound down to three, Livia sat in her… Continue reading A Taxing Situation- Office Sex Story