“No we are not in love anymore, its over Jared!”,  I stood at the doorway with my black shoulder bag. I didn’t take anything else because this would be the last time I would see Jared. I had put up with his PTSD for the last four years and my mind started to get lost in his. Everyday was a different argument and then by night I would forgive him so we could have peace. While standing at the door I started to see who I used to love behind those grey eyes. His head drifted to the side and he looked back at me with this intensity that was begging for me to stay. I took one more look at what I was leaving behind and I jetted out the door. I ran to the car quickly and he followed until I disappeared beyond his reach. The idea of leaving slept with me daily but I had no idea where I was going to go. I just wanted to be free from the sadness and pain. As I drove down the street, I started to think about all the things we shared together. Jared of course was my best friend and I loved him so much. I still don’t understand how he went away and came back so sad. I tried so hard to understand by showering him with my love but it never seemed like enough. The further I escaped my reality I knew I had to go somewhere safe, so I decided to drive to Memphis to be with my family. The road to get there was rather dark and it was hard to see through the rain. Although I was feeling a little unease about the current situation I decided to keep going.

An hour into my trip I started to think even more about Jared and part of me wanted to turn back. The rain started to come down heavy and I decided to pull over to the side of the road until the rain subside. I pulled over then put my head back and closed my eyes trying not to think much more about Jared. My mind wandered into a deep sleep and I felt at ease for the moment. Time would soon pass and I awoken with my pants wet and water up to my neck. I looked beyond the window and my car became submerged into a river. I panicked banging on the windows, screaming for help but I knew no one would hear me. The water began to rise faster and my tears became lost then my voice became silent. In that moment I knew for sure it was over for me  until a light shinned bright, piercing through my window.  “Kelly, please don’t die on me!”, Jared said as he tore through the window with a crow bar. As each breath escaped my body, I started to regain some thought and realized Jared was here to save me. He pulled my chubby body from the car and carried me to dry land. Breathing life back into my lips, I gasped and began to breathe on my own. Jared looked into my eyes with love then held me tight and covered me with a blanket as he put me in the car to take me home.

When I arrived back at home I was soaking wet. Jared laid me on the couch and then asked for my permission to remove my clothes. I nodded yes, then he slowly took off my jeans as my arms were still draped around his neck. He then took off my shirt which made me so shy and I hugged him tighter.  Then he whispered into my ear, “Sweetie I have to take off your bra and panties, is that ok?” I nodded again and then he slowly pulled down my panties then tossed them to the floor. As I felt a chill come over me, he seen me shiver then took off my bra and placed a warm blanket over me. I was so scared from what happened I didn’t want him to leave, then Jared sat on the couch and cradled me into his arms. I looked into his eyes and he kissed me on the forehead gently and told me,”You are safe now with me.” I laid into his chest then looked into his eyes and put his lips into mine. His hand held to my cheek and he laid wet kisses on each part of my lips s saying that he love me so much. His fingertips went under the blanket and rubbed my perky  nipples. Then he whispered to me, “I want to be your hero forever. ” He then wrapped me back in the blanket then carried me to our room.

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