Kitchen Love

The cookies lay on the counter saturated by fire. He stood with one hand on the hip, disgusted by the sight. I leaned into the doorway watching him as he tried to scrape away the pain. Worried that he would give into tears of frustration, I decided to help. Slowly walking into the kitchen in nothing but a black silk robe, I stood behind him. Hugging him slightly, I moved to his right side then grabbed a mixing bowl from the cabinet. He looked towards me with a raised brow as I combined all the ingredients. Chocolate chips began to melt as I stirred gently.

Soon I attracted the fire starter and he began to lick the chocolate on my finger. Cookies still awaiting their destination, I knew there would be a late entry. Picking me up, he placed me on the warm stove while kissing softly. Fingers in my cookie jar, he created a wet tense moment that caused me to wrap my legs around his waist. Soft lips kissing into mine let me know the truth.

“Baby, I burn them on purpose because you always make them better than me.” He said while kissing down my neck.

“I know.”

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Truly A King [Erotic Short Story]

In my dreams, I can see you at the edge of my bed. Like a beautiful painting come to life, you stand as youth drapes your body. Ripples through your torso cause me to react instantly. I swell with desire as my legs shake with anticipation. Stunning is the word that reaches my mind as I look to your eyes for rescue. A beam of wonder takes a peek through the window giving me a hint of what’s to come.

I devour every second of who you are as we become close. Soft kisses from your lips invade the sweetest of places. Grabbing the sheets I become in tune with sensual gifts. As a prize in your world, I let go of the good girl easily. My clit pulses between your lips then I start to awaken. Looking towards the early morning light, I see you snoring right next to me.


Dinner is served at six and daddy wants me. Sitting across the table he looked at me then quietly said, “Fuck me.” A romantic glow sat upon the room as my mother brought out the turkey. Beautifully built, her breasts caught my eye as she went back to the kitchen. Daddy’s father, Bowie sat next to me looking like a navy man. Crisp silver curls framed his face which sets the background to dark grey eyes. Daddy became annoyed and got up from the table.

Bowie began to comfort me with his hand on my thigh. I gave a small tour to another zone and he put two fingers in my pussy. Wet fingers going in caused panic within me. Trembling lips gave away to quiet moans as daddy’s brother stared at me. Then as my body became his victim in walks my mother. She put a ceramic bowl of mashed potatoes on the table then went back to the kitchen. I got up abruptly leaving hard cocks wandering. In search of daddy, I began to wonder about my role in this family.

Approaching the bathroom I saw daddy standing by the sink. Unzipping his pants, he saw me standing behind him in the mirror. I closed the door then put my arms around him. He turned around quickly then looked into my eyes.

“Daisy we can’t do this now, it’s too risky.”
I pushed him on to the closed toilet lid then I sat on his lap. Squeezing his thighs, I kissed him slowly. Tugging at his bottom lip I began to grind on his hard cock.

“Please Daisy your mother and my father wouldn’t like this.”
I kept a slow grind going as I took off my shirt. My bouncy tits stuffed his mouth as he held a tight grip. Giving in to me, he made my pussy swell with his huge cock. I kept fucking daddy till a knock came to the bathroom door.

“Daisy, have you seen Jarrett?” We both went silent.

“No, I haven’t seen him.”

She walked away from the door. Then I told him to cum inside this pussy. He held onto my waist then said, “Stop!”

I got off of him then left the bathroom. I knew anger tore at his soul but I belonged to his father. I went back to the table just as it turned to six o’clock. Sitting next to Bowie he began to finger my pussy again. Daddy came back to the table and just looked at me, wanting to fuck so bad. As a triangle began to form my mother came back to the table.

Her presence changed the mood but daddy didn’t care. He knew what his father was doing to me and jealousy set in. Unzipping his pants he stroked his cock while staring at me. Even though I was far from his reach I felt every stroke. I began to crave all that he had and his dad noticed. Bowie withdrew his desire then took me away from daddy’s eyes. He put me back in my room then told me no more dinners until I apologize to him.
“Daisy I’m more than a daddy I’m your grandfather. You are not allowed to fuck my son. You belong to me and when I fuck you that’s all you need.”
Staring into the floor, I bent over for my punishment. Bowie spread my ass cheeks then fingered my anal while licking it inside. I got four spankings and my pussy ache for two hours. I laid in my bed still wanting daddy after Bowie left.

Daddy found a way back to me without his father’s knowledge. As the pain began to subside in walks daddy. Asking if I’m okay he put an ice cube to my bruised pussy. Soft licks to my aching clit made me feel so good then daddy said to me, “let’s run away?”
So we did…