img_3099Charlie, sat on the edge of the bed eagerly watching his beloved wife remove her wig. She carefully placed it on the wig stand then pulled out the vanity chair. A black silk robe concealed her generous silhouette, as Charlie smiled reassuringly looking at her. The resemblance in the mirror was not of yesterday but of something new she had to get used to. Closed lids revealed a tear which trialed down her swollen cheek. Charlie, no longer a bystander came to her with uncertainty.

Twenty years of love made Charlie’s smile undeniable. A white handkerchief snatched from his tuxedo, caught the tear that made his wife smile once again. Her beauty made him the most devoted fan as he established a foundation of compliments daily. Kneeling before her like a prince, the two shared a gaze that was unbreakable. As her robe began to slip at the shoulders, Charlie kept the momentum going. He knew she did not feel like yesterday yet her sensual nature kept him attentive.

The two scars revealed her insecurity as she tried to gather the flowing robe back onto her ebony shoulders. Her eyes closed as Charlie naturally began to tenderly kiss down her neck. His trail of love led him to once was yet he didn’t care. Parting her gorgeous thighs, he kissed inside the lips that captured every bit of his soul. Mild strokes of his tongue instantly made her moan just like yesterday. As he gave her the ultimate pleasure, he reminded his wife that she was his forever no matter what.

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Dance with me

“Honey we have to be there by 9 o’clock.” Tim said while straightening his bow tie in the mirror. Katherine stood in the bathroom trying to fix the broken zipper on her dress.

“I’m too fat for this dress, go without me.” Katherine said as she tried to hold in tears. Tim pressed for time took Katherine by the hand and led her to the bed. As he sat next to her in walked Curt. Getting down on bended knee he looked at Tim with a smile then kissed Katherine on the lips.

“Katherine, we both love you, nothing you can say will ever push us away. Curt said as he planted himself in between her big thighs. Katherine looks at them both then puts her head down.

“But I’m too fat for this dress and it won’t zip!” exclaimed Katherine. Curt looked back at Tim’s sad eyes then holds to Katherine’s waist. As he looks upon her curvy frame he smiles then slowly takes off her dress. Small kisses trail up her back as Curt looks at Tim with wonder in his eyes. Tim then kisses the top of her shoulders as Curt pushes her chocolate nipple into his mouth. He sucks slowly with eyes closed while watching soft moans escape her lips. Curt then rises to meet her lips then sucks them into his as Tim holds her from behind grinding his cock against her ass.

Whispering into her ear as Curt keeps sucking her lips Tim says, “We love you and we knew this dress didn’t deserve a body like yours.” As Tim stepped away he quickly came back with long red dress. Curt moved from her lips and placed the dress in front of her eyes. Tears started to fall as he helped her put the dress on. Tim stood in back and gently zipped up the dress perfectly. Katherine, watched herself in the mirror admiring her beautiful frame in the dress.

“I love you both thanks for taking care of me always, now let’s go we have an event to get to.” She said as they took her by the hand as they walked towards the door.




Todd stood at the podium delivering a speech on class warfare to an audience of twenty thousand people. In his position he knew that each word he mentioned would be translated into papers across the world. In the closing remarks to his freshly written speech he told the audience that he owes all accomplishments to his wife. Deborah, who sat in the front row clapping with falling tears sparkled in a Armani dress. Smiling at her with gratitude, he waddled up the written speech then eased into his right pants pocket. An applause ripped through the blurred faces with some standing to their feet. In this moment Todd had been lifted and knew his hard work meant a lot to all those people. The lights suddenly fell as he turned to exit the stage. His walk was full of pride, but his mind became saturated with thoughts of LaVania.

A slower walk let him immerse himself inside LaVania once more. Deborah stood back stage then quickly walked up to him with arms open wide. He braced himself for her love while he thought about fucking LaVania. Kissing him with the purest heart Deborah stepped back noticing the lost moment in his eyes. “Todd are you okay?” she said holding on to his hand guiding him down the stage stairs. He nodded instantly, but his mind filled with thoughts of LaVania. As they both got into the limo Deborah stretched her legs over his rubbing his chest while kissing down his neck. He used to love it when she got so naughty after one of their events in the limo. However, this time he couldn’t focus on her as his mind kept going to eating LaVania’s fat pussy. Her pussy fleshy pink surrounded by caramel walls opened his soul. He loved pushing his tongue deep inside her as she called out his name. Deborah aware that he was distracted unzipped his pants pulling out his thick cock. Even though his wife had a body of a goddess he felt an urgency for LaVania.

Deborah had sucked on Todd’s cock for ten minutes realizing that he wouldn’t get hard. Eventually, the limo ride came to a halt as they entered their estate in Malibu. Looking at him with curious eyes, she quickly pulled down her dress then exited the limo. Todd knew that his reaction would cause an uproar in the house so he braced himself. Stepping out of the limo, he was met with a fierce slap to the face. “Tell me Todd who have you been fucking?” Hand to his face aiding in comfort he put his head down in shame. Deborah with eyes of a hawk teared into his soul demanding answers. Leaning back against the limo Todd zipped his pants then ran his fingers through his soft brown locks. “Her name is LaVania and I have been fucking her for six months now.” Staggering back in disbelief pillars of tears ran down Deborah’s snow-white face. “Do you love her?” said Deborah as she wiped tears from her face. Silence became a divider, yet Deborah didn’t allow for any brief intermission. “Do you fucking love her?” her tone powered up like a fast engine that couldn’t be handled yet Todd didn’t look away. “She is a big woman; I love eating her pussy and fucking it.” Deborah couldn’t believe the words coming from her husband which mad her slump to the ground.

Reaching out to help her stand he further explained his love of LaVania. Deborah escapes fearful thoughts of divorce by asking him how LaVania tastes and what does her pussy feel like. Grinning at her slightly he said, “Baby you really want to know this?” she nodded while gazing into his gray eyes. He put her hands inside his then pulled her back to the door of the limo. He leaned back on to the door and let her lay on him while she stared into his eyes with innocence. “When I put my tongue inside, her pussy swallows me and I feel her juice coat my lips like ice cream.” Deborah’s lips parted as she began to enjoy his description of LaVania. “Sliding my cock inside her tight fat pussy puts me in a trance and my body feels tingles all over.” Deborah lips began to become moist with desire as she felt his cock get hard against her as he spoke of LaVania. “Todd, can I meet her?” Deborah said as she began to rub Todd’s cock. His heart rate became noticeable, and he uttered a soft yes as pre-cum reached the tip. “Baby why you want to meet her?” he said while Deborah pressed against him closer. “She sounds attractive and it would be nice if I could taste her fat pussy too.” Todd’s eyes looked down into hers and he fell in love all over again then said, “Yes of course you can eat her pussy too baby.”