The Vow

The brokerage firm pays me a lot which is why I’m sitting in this fancy restaurant right now. Crissy my wife is supposed to be here by now but she is probably at work still fucking Melvin her new boss. I’m not mad or upset because I’ve had my share of fucks too but tonight is our wedding anniversary. However, I thought she would at least show up on time for our special occasion. She is… Continue reading The Vow



Todd stood at the podium delivering a speech on class warfare to an audience of twenty thousand people. In his position he knew that each word he mentioned would be translated into papers across the world. In the closing remarks to his freshly written speech he told the audience that he owes all accomplishments to his wife. Deborah, who sat in the front row clapping with falling… Continue reading Importance


Grease Monkey

Hands covered in oil, Miguel propped his body against the wall of tools that decorated his garage. Grabbing a small white towel from his back pocket, he wiped his worn hands. Standing tall among his auto relics he waited for Connie to enter the garage. “What are you up to sweet thang?” Connie says as she enters the garage bearing a thin white ragged crop… Continue reading Grease Monkey

anal · Family · pegging · [mf]

Beg Me to Fuck You – [anal][pegging]

“Allen, I know you want to do it just give me a chance.” Walking upstairs, Rebecca kept looking back to see if he was coming. Standing by the bottom of the stairway Allen finally went up with some hesitation firmly gripping the banister. Reaching the top he saw the door ajar with Rebecca standing there… Continue reading Beg Me to Fuck You – [anal][pegging]

Christmas · Family · Real Sex Dolls

Winter Coat -BBW

“Chrissy, I had no idea you wanted a coat for Christmas, please let me into our bedroom. “Pacing back and forth in the hallway Charles scratched his head waiting for a response from his wife. Chrissy opened the door slightly to reveal her gray eyes angrily at him. “Well Charles, you brought her that coat… Continue reading Winter Coat -BBW