Confession: 213

Never thought I would say this, but I like it. I love when he demands my attention during sex. He always locks me in tight between his thighs with no time to catch my breath. I surrender willingly as he pushes up my black skirt. I’m unsure of what I want, but he knows. As if we own time, he kisses me slowly yet passionately. In an opposite display of pleasure, I swallow his big cock as he gives me a gift that all women desire. I’m not cold, I’m on ten as my body shivers with excitement. Eyes set upon his frame the tips of my fingers caress hidden places. Returning the favor, I give pleasure to my pain as he sucks my large erect nipples. As our passionate desires collide, he gently pushes his eager finger in and out of my anal. The pressure surprises me then suddenly I detect him deep inside twisting my dreams. Right then I assessed his true power and I didn’t want it to stop until…

Confession : 212

He feeds me but not too often. Taking into my mouth the biggest part of him, I welcome his future. There is no other word to use but addicted. I crave his words and touch. I dream of him sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit. I think about him at work, while eating, and pleasuring myself. I feel lost without him and yet he teases me with surprise visits.