Confession: 164

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The Vodka spilled onto the sheets as we tousled in the bed. Legs wrapped under and over created a new position just for us. No love, just a fuck as he sucked my nipples while thrusting deep inside me. Smiling as if heaven had awakened me, we became something new right at the edge of the bed. The focus so serious yet I still felt like he was my sweet tender, Roni. We locked eyes then fell into a deep kiss while my grinds kept with our rhythm. Tit sucks and anal perversion make us so naughty yet were innocent. Fuck, yes I said, “Fuck me!” These words rang true as he gave me all of him than his cell phone rang. It was her and I knew what that meant. So I gathered my desire and tucked it neatly beneath my heart.  He warned me -No love

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