img_3099Charlie, sat on the edge of the bed eagerly watching his beloved wife remove her wig. She carefully placed it on the wig stand then pulled out the vanity chair. A black silk robe concealed her generous silhouette, as Charlie smiled reassuringly looking at her. The resemblance in the mirror was not of yesterday but of something new she had to get used to. Closed lids revealed a tear which trialed down her swollen cheek. Charlie, no longer a bystander came to her with uncertainty.

Twenty years of love made Charlie’s smile undeniable. A white handkerchief snatched from his tuxedo, caught the tear that made his wife smile once again. Her beauty made him the most devoted fan as he established a foundation of compliments daily. Kneeling before her like a prince, the two shared a gaze that was unbreakable. As her robe began to slip at the shoulders, Charlie kept the momentum going. He knew she did not feel like yesterday yet her sensual nature kept him attentive.

The two scars revealed her insecurity as she tried to gather the flowing robe back onto her ebony shoulders. Her eyes closed as Charlie naturally began to tenderly kiss down her neck. His trail of love led him to once was yet he didn’t care. Parting her gorgeous thighs, he kissed inside the lips that captured every bit of his soul. Mild strokes of his tongue instantly made her moan just like yesterday. As he gave her the ultimate pleasure, he reminded his wife that she was his forever no matter what.

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