short stories


The day could of ended right here but it kept following me around. Every time I turned around this ghostly man stood behind me with no clothes on. At first I thought, the coffee I had earlier gave me these visions. Then one day, the ghostly man stood in front of my face and said, “Have you ever fucked a ghost?” In shock, I stepped back a little then I began to ponder the thought. I had no idea what to say to a ghost so I just nodded my head no. Then without a pause he put his cock into my mouth.

In this surreal moment I felt a fat cock push inside my mouth. As I pleasured the ghost, I felt someone underneath my skirt licking my pussy. Soft licks to my pussy invaded my soul as I felt it all over my body. A climax within my reach, I soon felt other ghosts sucking my nipples and fucking my anal. The street lights shut off simultaneously as each ghost fucked all of my sinful holes. I felt the urge to cum yet my body become a prisoner to the five ghosts that were fucking me. As my anal became bruised from large cocks, each ghost would take turns fucking my mouth. One by one they dribbled cum all over my mouth and forced me to suck again. Sticky wet like diamonds coated my lips as felt the true size of each cock fucking my face. Then as fast as it began, it was over and the ghosts disappeared.

The next day, I laid in bed trying to remember what happened the night before. Although I felt an unease, a smile came on my face when I realized how many ghosts I fucked last night. As I pulled the covers back over my face, I felt two hands on my thighs, spreading them apart. It was the ghost again and he began to lick my pussy as if he needed it so badly. I felt like I was in a trance then suddenly he stopped. When I looked by the bedroom door there were ten more ghosts with fat cocks. I smiled back at him then realized this would be the best day of my life.


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