Confession: 157

As soon as I put on the heels, I knew what he wanted me to do next. My hand became part of his as he twirled me around in the bedroom. Dark shadow on my eyes with a red lip set the tone for what we were about to do. I told him at first I don’t dance but he told me yes you do because I am married to you. Pulling me into a warm hug he placed his hands on my hips. Swaying my body from left to right, I felt in sync with his movements. The lure of his cologne cast a wicked spell on me as we danced so closely. Soon words of beauty came from his romantic lips as he leaned into my ear with soft whispers. Instantly I smiled, then he released me like a ballerina as fell on the bed. Like a tiger on a prowl, he became a shield from any danger as he laid wet kisses down my belly. I felt it all so tenderly then soft bites awakened my skin. I enjoyed his love bites as he kept going down to my fat pussy. As his finger slowly glided against my wet slit, he asked me,”Tell me what you want?” Words didn’t come quickly to my lips, so he kept rubbing my clit with his finger. In shock, by his passionate torture, I said,”Lick deep inside my chocolate pussy baby.” Intensity in his eyes made this task serious beyond my wildest dreams. Soft strokes to my clit caused me to grab the sheets as my husband delivered the best fantasy.

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