short stories

Throbbing [MFM]

Bent over in the chair, Kirk my new boyfriend was licking inside my ass while Damon flicked his tongue at my nipple. This pleasure house of fun, only came about because we were bored. Instead of taking a walk or doing something useful with our time I let the twins do what they want except fuck me. My pussy felt like an amusement park open for fun as the twins took turns. Each one had their own style of licking my pussy. Damon held the lips with his fingers while dipping his tongue in and out. Kirk put his whole face in my pussy licking all over. Even though I didn’t allow them to fuck me, they learned a lot that day. Licking my ass, became their favorite pleasure as they fought with each other as to who would be next. I didn’t want them to leave without freeing that built up cum, so I sucked their cocks. Both big and white they took turns fucking my mouth while massaging my large nipples. The sensation was overwhelming as my pussy throbbed for them to lick me some more. I think we all connected somehow because Kirk went back to licking inside my pussy again. That day was so full of pleasure that I didn’t want it to end but Damon’s girlfriend came home early. She stood by the door watching us, and we didn’t stop. Damon could see the jealousy in her eyes as he walked up to get a kiss. She turned her head slightly. As Kirk distracted me in walks Ryan. He gently smacks Damon’s girlfriend on the ass then starts removing his clothes. Flashing an uneasy smile Damon pulls his girlfriend by the hand and ushers her to our lustful paradise.

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