Christmas, Family

Winter Coat -BBW

“Chrissy, I had no idea you wanted a coat for Christmas, please let me into our bedroom. “Pacing back and forth in the hallway Charles scratched his head waiting for a response from his wife. Chrissy opened the door slightly to reveal her gray eyes angrily at him. “Well Charles, you brought her that coat so how do you think I should feel!” Slamming the door upon his face, Charles had become optimistic yet bothered by the whole ordeal. He stood there for a moment then jetted down the stairs to rest on the couch in the living room. He could hear Chrissy stirring up in the bedroom a tornado of anger, yet he remained calm. Then suddenly an idea came to him, as he hurried back up the stairs to stand once again in front of their locked bedroom door.
Silence fell between them, yet Charles became hopeful when he pulled out his cell phone. He searched for a song within his playlist that Chrissy loved from their trip to Paris. Gently he laid the phone on the floor and let the music play so she could hear. Her pacing came to a stop then he felt her body pressed against the door for a better listen. Right then he could tell that the song brought to her mind that passionate night in Paris. Realizing he had her attention he paused the song then said, ” No more madness my love, the winter coat became home to a lady at work who had none.” Chrissy opened the door, slowly to see Charles face. His blue eyes glistened with love as he stood there in charcoal gray pajamas. They seemed to stare for eternity, when suddenly she moved in closer to his frame and softly kissed his worried lips. Smiling within the kiss, Charles pushed her against the wall and laid warm kisses to her neck. Her eyes closed then she whispered to him, “Take me back to Paris,” Charles then gathered her up into his arms and they went back to Paris as they closed the door.



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