short stories

Excerpt: The Loving

As if fresh water kissed his lips, Julian awoke with a stream of sunlight illuminating his gray eyes. In the distance was Jessica brushing her long black hair as her fat bottom hugged a vanity chair next to the window. Running his fingers through his dark chocolate curls, he rose from the bed of silk then went over to Jessica.As his reflection from the mirror became visible, Julian leaned into her then began to lay soft kisses down her neck. Her hair stood pinned partially as she brushed each angelic strand, which made Julian place her long locks behind her as he stared into her beautiful existence. Easily his finger tips became a guide as her black robe began to come down, just enough to see the peak of her desire. Jessica then gradually turned then stood up next to his tall frame. Soft kisses to her lips sent a beam of passion throughout her body as she gave into his powerful seduction.

Draft excerpt : The Loving by Livia Flair

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