short stories


Darryl, began his week at work shuffling papers around his desk, looking over at Tiffany the plus size vixen of the office. She wore tall black heels, short skirts, and blouses which always had two buttons purposely unfastened. Her smile and curves had his attention certainly but there was never a chance to chat up with her. Hours of the day seem to be long, as Darryl had to work hard to conceal his hard cock from Tiffany. As Friday came around he became anxious, thinking about if he should say something or not. He didn’t want to pressure her yet he could not let another weekend go by without knowing if she felt the same about him.  However he kept running in his mind the scenario of how they would talk then fuck on the copier. As quickly as his thoughts went wild he softened them as Tiffany quickly flashed a smile walking by his desk.

The next day or Friday to be exact, he knew that it would have to happen. Countless dreams of sucking on her chocolate nipples kept him from never wanting to wake up, yet approaching her at work seemed so risky. Darryl’s nerves came to a halt as he seen Tiffany walk to the coffee machine. Slowly rising from his desk, he went over to grab a cup of coffee. Nervous, Darryl kept his eyes on her soft hands as she made her coffee then she looked up from her masterpiece to catch him smiling nervously. Tiffany examined his stance, then gave Darryl the sugar. They stood there in silence stirring the hot white mocha coffee. Then as his lips became tempted by the heat he took a sip and then she got closer and said, “I know you have a crush on me but you don’t have to dream of me, meet me in the bathroom in five minutes.”

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