short stories

Drippy Desire [Nail Polish Fetish]

Do onto me what wicked women do. Create your fantasy with exhausting desire while I watch. Loosening my tie, I become jealous carefully drawing pleasure in my mind. I pay close attention as you bend over in a chair full of glamour. Then, you sit properly with legs crossed as your golden robe gives away intimate secrets. I adjust rightfully so in a chair not far from your eyes. You smile at me, but I don’t trust you yet. Pulling on the reflective drawer you select a red hue that’s decorated with fancy words. I ease back wondering if this color is right, but I let you continue. Palms sweaty, I wait as you pull the brush out the glass tube like a sword. Could it be you are the princess, and I am the knight? No foolish of me to think you would put me in your sexual world.

A crazy man wouldn’t wait for the outcome, but here I am. The chair seems to swallow me, so I push forward to watch you closely. Slowly you bend to perfection, brushing softly the first toe. A joyous chant beats through my body, and I shiver. Cherishing each stroke I feel my body tense up then release. As I start to calm, you go beyond my dreams, then rub the bottom of ecstasy. I explode like a flame wanting to devour each step you take. My frazzled mind tries to make sense of this madness, but there is no way out.

Please feel sorry for this lonely man. How could she be so calm as I look for rescue? I want to carry her away. Keep her from ever touching the ground. Then, as I make my plans for this angel, she goes back to the drawer. Delicate hands bring out protection like no other. I wish to cast this away because I am all she needs. As I build up the courage to remove myself from the chair, she does one stroke. The clarity makes the red glow and my mouth drips of anticipation. Trying to keep my world together, she closes the bottle then rises from the chair. Walking towards me, I feel my body lift into the air, spiraling like a tornado. Then as I begin to accept calmness she does the unthinkable.

Sweet perfection came into my mouth, causing me to hum slowly. Her big toe went in and out my mouth fucking me gently. My eyes closed as she took me on a journey of wet desire. When my eyes became aware of this moment, I saw her leaning back some. She parted the robe letting perky nipples breathe good air. She carefully gave each one a pinch as her toe kept fucking my mouth. Everything had come to be just like I have always wanted. For so long I lay awake with fright not knowing how to tell her my fantasy. I felt like a weak man with no army to protect the cravings I have had for years.

Yes, I am quite mad and a fool, but I can live with that. As she began to mouth words only a lover can hear, I brought her closer. Then we both became lustful with madness soaking our bed with drippy desire.

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