short stories


The roar from sweet lips made her mother crumble to the floor. Out of her mind, Daniel ran far from dependence. She soon became lost among thieves and killers wanting just a body not beauty. As darkness surrounded her pure light, she noticed a house in the distance. No where to lay those beautiful long curls she decided to take a chance.

Upon entering the tiny house, every step took an impression onto the dirt floor. As she began to readjust her eyes three men sat at a table drinking beer while stroking their massive cocks. The dim light concealed their true self but Daniel became curious. She moved in closer as their moans sent waves of lust through her body. Pushing his head into the light, the small one said,”come eat my porridge it’s warm. Daniels lips dripped with desire but she ignored the small man. Then the next one came into view,”come eat my porridge it’s hot baby.” Daniel’s nipples became a distraction as they pushed through her light sweater. Then as she looked to the third seat, it was empty.

When she turned around the third man stood behind her. He lifted Daniel’s short skirt and slid his cock inside her butt then said, ” I already ate my hot porridge so bend over.”

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