Julian and Honey

Like a wolf focused on prey, I gave into her deepest desires. She lay with innocent eyes as I sucked her fat clit. Soulful moans made the journey easy as I tongue fucked her swollen pussy. Silk sheets kept chubby knuckles wrapped like a gift as I went deeper. A melody of soft notes spelled out my name in a burst. The attitude that led to the argument became a buried subject. In this moment we became what was always meant to be. Hi I’m Julian…

New story series Julian and Honey

Livia Flair 12-17

Did you get your boss something for Christmas yet? hmm 

She will do anal

  1. Lube, lube, lube 
  2. love, love, love 
  3. Please her in every way and you my friend might have anal that day. – Livia Flair

As I am working towards a new camera lol 

I am working towards body goals. Only so I can always say,”Yes that position is perfect sexy.”

Notes from Livia’s Office

I heard you have been fucking around in the office. Tell me who did you have anal sex with? 

Livia Flair 12-14

When your heart is not in it but you fuck them anyway

I can open my door and go out among so many faces looking for you. Then at that very moment I look away and you appear before me. Cloaked in greatness as you take my hand for a kiss. I smile as we gather our love then race to what we knew it should of been all along. –Livia Flair

Been A Legend 4 a long time

“Can’t fuck dreams but they can fuck you.” – Livia Flair