Confession : 209

I’m his little naughty thing

Bad Bitches: 1

The moon set an illuminated scene like a video game while shining a light into the dark alley. Nico walked aggressively with two concealed pistols under her dark cloak. Wisps of ebony hair kissed her cheek as she cautiously approached Brendon taking a piss in the alley.He shook off the excess then turned to discover Nico staring fiercely into his eyes.

“Fuck, you scared me!” he said while taking a stepping back into the brick wall.They locked eyes as Nico moved closer watching his chest move up then down. She brandished a black pistol from her right side then put it under his chin. Eyes closed with one falling tear he begged her not to kill him. Smiling wickedly she cocked the trigger playing Russian roulette with his life. Leaning into his fear, she gently pressed her glossy red lips against his. Trembling as she pulled away his heart started to race again. Not knowing what she would do next, he felt her warm lips to his ear.

“I assigned a job to you, yet you failed;therefore, cum for me.” She put her hand inside his jeans and felt his hard cock. His eyes closed tight then he began to cum. Feeling her hand soaked in cum she pulled from his jeans then licked her fingers. She felt energized by his desire, yet wanted to teach him a lesson in the moment.

“Turn around and face the wall.” She said while pointing the gun directly at his chest. He moved slow while turning to face the red brick wall. She aggressively pushed her curvy body up against his back then whispered into his ear once more.

“When I say bring those bitches to me, you do as I say or next time I will drain you of cum!” Her gun still pointed at him with his hands in the air as if he knew to surrender. Nico smiles while still wielding the gun at him then pulls the trigger. No bullet escapes while he succumbs to the fear of dying as his body slumps to the ground. Although he laid lifelessly, she left him there to recover then went out of the dark alley searching for Donovan.

short stories

The Kitchen

On this night, I was so tired and decided to sleep early. However, my cell awakened me, “Can you come over ? ” he said. I hesitated thinking about the long drive to his place and the room mates that littered his living room on the weekends. “Yea, I’ll come” in almost a whisper as I closed my cell. Placing myself in the shower, I felt the heat rise within in me as my favorite soap dripped down my chest. My caress over my nipples became shortened by the sound of my cell ringing again. “What does he want?” as I breathe a soft sigh, wrapping the towel around me as I exit the shower. Picking up the cell, I seen it was him again rushing me. Quickly I put on my black lace bra, panties and slid into my dark jeans. Hmm, he loves red and with no more than a thought I put on my red tank top. My dark hair fell past my shoulders as I put my jacket on and headed out the door. After a few red lights, I was at his place. “Hi, come in” he said as I stood at the door. Pulling me in quickly he began to kiss down my neck. “Mmm you smell so good” he tells me as he kisses by my ear. I quickly do a survey of who is in the room and I see nobody. He stops, “Nobody is here it is just us” and continues to kiss down my neck. My jacket falls to floor as he pushes me towards the kitchen. In an instant his hand reaches down into my jeans and he rubs my inner lips. Touching gently and feeling my wetness coat his finger tips I see his cock getting so hard. Smiling at me, he unbuttons my jeans and tells me “take them off now” Sometimes I don’t want to do what he says but he has captured me and there is no fleeing. My black panties exposed, he bends me over and I grip the stove handle. His long cock brushes up against my ass and slowly he slides down my panties. Fingering my wet pussy, he keeps pulling them in and out. The fire inside me ignites and I am in pure ecstasy. His fingers escape for a moment and I began to feel his long, thick cock push into my anal. As he moves in slow, I shutter at the feeling but I don’t want him to stop. Moving in closer, he returns his fingers to my wet pussy as he fucks me so deeply. His cock pokes in and out my tight ass and he tells me, “Oh yea I love fucking you”. Pulling at my hard nipples, he climaxes and pushes his cum into my anal. Gripping the stove handle, the heat of his cum puts me in a surrender. Taking his long cock out he rubs it against my ass and says, “When can you come over again?”