Valentine’s Day Story: Love in the Making

Routinely, my wife and I operate like cuckoo clocks. We go out to the edge of the plank, greet each other then go our separate ways. Its consistently been like this and I know why. We had a rough patch in our marriage a few years back. I became involved with another woman that we both knew. It wasn’t a long affair just a couple of nights of fun. I thought about telling my wife, but someone beat me to it.

The hard part came when she decided not to leave. Like a death had suddenly came into the family, I was locked out from the joys of her life. Everything is done without me now. She goes to the movies alone. Also spend alot of time with her friends. There is never a question of where I was or where I am going. If something exciting happens to me at work, she just smiles then walks away. I really want her to get back to normal and forget this happened. Why can’t she just get over it? It was just sex, nothing more than that.

Today is Valentines Day, so I decided to sit and watch our wedding video. I really don’t know what made me watch it actually. It had been years since I saw it. The video opens with her and the bridesmaids putting on their beautiful dresses. She looks gorgeous and thrilled to be getting married. That day, I wondered if I was even good enough to wed such a woman. The video ends with us dancing under a few scattered lights. Then the video cuts off abruptly because we ran out of tape. I have no idea how I can mend her heart or what to do next.

“That day is still the best day of my life.”

Turning from the video, I observe my wife leaning against the wall looking at me with affectionate eyes.

“Are you sure its still the best day? I have been such a fuck up since then.”

“That day can never be erased. I don’t hate you for what you did, I just don’t understand why you would do that to me.”

“I have no answer for what I did. I have been foolish to think it would be something that you could just get over. Now looking at our wedding video, I can see your love for me was unconditional.”

Sitting on the couch, she comes and rests beside me. Hair in a messy bun, she flashes a smile then rubs my chin. My eyes start to swell with tears but she quiets my pain with a kiss. At that moment, I felt energized loved and wanted. I embraced her in the warmest hug ever and we both laid on the couch watching the wedding video all over again.

Lieutenant Rivers

Shining brightly, the sun gave a highlight to the situation in Lieutenant Rivers office. The last bit of cum dripped into Private Johnson’s youthful lips. Punishment always ended up this way when things were done incorrectly. Lieutenant Rivers shook his cock one last time while standing over both men. Eventually, time got away and both men were let go. Standing at his desk, Rivers kept smiling looking at his big cock when a knock came to the door. Not shy about his current state, he told the person to come in. Private Withers walked in while watching Lieutenant Rivers stroke his fat cock. His mouth began to moisten with lust and with no hesitation he got on his knees. Lieutenant River smiled as he thrust his cock into Private Withers succulent lips. As he took in all of the Lieutenant, he stroked his own cock vigorously. As the two began to climax the sun left the window to escape the darkness in Lieutenant Rivers office.

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Her Panties in my Laundry

Nothing I hate worse than laundry day. My best friend convinced me to move to the city a few months ago which I regret. Long rides to work on the subway tests my patience. However, I manage but I hate doing the fucking laundry. Strolling into the laundry mat is not that big of a hassle yet I’m greeted by the same dude every time. His name is Michael and he is a sloppy stock broker that wastes his money on women and drugs. Every time I see him, its like someone dragged him from hell in jogger pants then combed his hair with a fork. When he says, “whats up?” I always reply with.”Same shit different load.” We laugh for a bit then he asks me about “Tinder.” We always go through my swipes which he seems to enjoy more than me. Pressuring me to swipe on any girl with two breasts is more like his life than mine. Instantly I’m like nah, she is too educated and I don’t feel like dating a fucking encyclopedia. We always chop it up for a few minutes then he leaves. Sitting in the chair, I kept swiping on Tinder profiles until I became bored all over again. Upon hauling my last load out the dryer I noticed a pair of white lace panties. I inspected it over like a detective then decided to just leave them on the counter.

As I began to exit a woman entered with a bewildered look on her face. She ran over to the dryer as if there was gold. I glanced over at the crumbled panties on the counter then quickly imagined them on her. I shook my head in disbelief that those panties could fit an ass like that. Scratching my head, I began to ponder being her panty savior. Then without thinking I blurted out, “Are these your small white panties?”She stood with arms folded and an arched brow. She slowly walked over to me, and I don’t know if I was in a surreal moment but an angelic light seemed to beam from her body. My mouth a gasp I could barely hold on to my load both in my pants and the basket. Her eyes went straight to the crumbled up panties then she snatched them up and rolled her eyes at me. I wanted to say something clever but the only words that came out my mouth was “Um yea.”She looked me over in disgust as she grabbed the panties. Close to my face almost in kissing reach she utters the words, “Yea my small as fucking panties white boy.”My body instantly shook with fear, yet I was curious about this strong black woman.

Two anxious days after that incident, I ran into the same woman again at work. Lovely curves made there entrance into my office like a hero. I knew she recognized me when a stack of legal documents got slammed on my desk. Her fragrance led an army into my body which made me look at her with curiosity. Long flowing black hair spiraled at the ends as if romance was on her agenda. Shannon had worked in my office for two years, yet I never noticed her. As she left in a hurry, I adjusted myself back into the creased leather of my chair. I sat for a moment pondering, how to approach her or at least get her to look at me. The day was almost over, so I decided to send her a skype message. It took a few minutes for her to reply, but she wrote “What!” Right then I decided that I need to see her expression so I went over to her desk.

“If looks could kill, I would be a dead man.” A raised brow served as a warning notice as I demanded her attention. Gorgeous curls fell at her round breast like tender drops of rain on a exquisite rose. My admiration grew as I focused all my attention on her body. I began to enter her world when suddenly she threw a pen at me.

“Say something or move from my desk.” she yelled while crossing one thick thigh over the other. I stood gazing into her eyes while straightening my tie. Another pen dropped off her desk which changed the narrative as I picked it up. As I rose to full stature, she looked at me with arms folded.

“Are you always this aggressive?” I said while keeping eye contact.

“Do you always creep on women at work?” She said while unfolding her arms while raising a brow waiting for an answer from me.

“Well, I’m sorry to intrude but something about you I like very much.” The pen became a distracting tool as I played with it between my nervous fingers.

“Look either you state what you want or get away from my desk.” She turned from my gaze and went back to her screen. I stood there lost then I decided to risk it all by telling her what I really wanted.

“Can you please turn back around? I said while waiting for her response.

Turning around slowly she says, “Yes may I help you?”

“Those panties you left at the laundry mat I want them.” A slight grin appeared on her face as she began looking at me in disgust. Her affectionate spiral curls became razor like as she looked at me with intense feelings. There was no turning around, so I continued.

“I want to rub my cock in those panties and think about fucking you every night. Her mouth opens yet no words leave her pretty lips. Therefore, I smiled at her while placing the pen behind my ear then walked back to my office. Moments later I went to get some coffee and upon my return I saw her leaving my office in a hurry. When I returned to my desk I seen a pair of panties and a note. The note merely said, ‘Meet me in the break room after work.”