Livia Flair 12-17

Did you get your boss something for Christmas yet? hmm 

She will do anal

  1. Lube, lube, lube 
  2. love, love, love 
  3. Please her in every way and you my friend might have anal that day. – Livia Flair

As I am working towards a new camera lol 

I am working towards body goals. Only so I can always say,”Yes that position is perfect sexy.”

Notes from Livia’s Office

I heard you have been fucking around in the office. Tell me who did you have anal sex with? 

Livia Flair 12-13

Can We Fuck, Like We Used To?

“So whats your Instagram name?” he asked as I sat in my chair fumbling papers at my desk. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, ” I don’t have an Instagram account.” He stood with thoughts racing and then said to me, “You’re lying, I know you have one. ” He became persistent as he tried to hide his bulge from my eyes. Feeling amused I stood up and looked at him intensely letting him focus on my moist red lips. Like an animal moving in on its prey my stance engulfed his fragrance which took a hold of my body. As my lips began to utter words, his pants began to tent up as my body aligned with his. “Jacob, you are sweet but you’re just a 20 something who has no idea how to make me … moan, now move from my desk.” His lips parted but nothing came out as I escaped his sensual gaze. A reflection from a mirror on the wall exposed his desire as I seen him massaging his bulge as I walked away.

Livia Flair 12-11


I laid in bed with his cum between my thighs. Although we were done having fun, he still continued to kiss down my thighs. Seeps of cum tickled my clit as he looked at me with lust in his eyes. I thought it would end at that moment this crazy ride but then he said, “let me taste you one more time.”

To fuck or not  [Poetry]

Two fucks not given, 

lets try three

are you in? 

Are we fucking? 

Slippery not slop, 

rain in my mouth till I say stop. 

Are we fucking?

I guess so, make sure you drill down in my ass. 

I can ride it better like that. 

Are we fucking? 

I hope so, because I want more

I want you, him and them.

I want more, 

Are we fucking or not?

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