He Watches and I Fuck

Jealousy can be like sticky honey that teases your tongue till satisfaction. I love to make him wait or watch. His eyes follow me as I play with my pussy while watching other men. The sweet smell of my body chokes his desire as I suck another mans cock. I’m not the only one who is rewarded for my lust.

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Favorite Fantasy: FMF

Two bodies learning the language of lust, when she walks in. Legs spread she takes all the energy from me. I grab the sheets as if they are familiar as I twist with confusion. How could she know my body like this? Then as our act becomes complex, he slides inside her deeply, stroking hard as the bed shakes. Then are roles become different as I sit on her face. Soft lips take in his pride as I watch him moan then call my name.

Three the hard way -[mfm]

“So would you like to watch a movie?” suddenly Jonathan became attentive sitting up waiting on a response from Nicole. Her dark long hair sat upon her shoulders like a regal queen in his poor presence. Unbothered by his nervousness she sat closer placing a hand on his dark jeans. Their eyes met for a moment then smiles took expression upon both faces. “Johnathan, I didn’t come to watch movies,” she said moving her hands up under his shirt feeling his hard abs. Nothing could match her touch as Jonathan began to feel his pants unzip. Slowly Nicole put his cock in her hand and began stroking it up then down. Johnathan could no longer restrain himself and began rubbing on Nicole’s huge black tits. In a wonderland of lust, he took her chocolate nipples into his mouth sucking slowly as they sat on the couch. Nicole’s tits soon took over his face as she began stroking faster on his hard cock. Clothes quickly coming off Johnathan saw his two brothers approaching the doorway from the window. Not wanting to stop he quickly threw a blanket over Nicole as she saw two men come into the room. 

“Um, what are you up to brother, and who is this?” Trying to pin his cock down under the blanket he began to introduce Nicole. Perky and alert Nicole stood up suddenly to greet them not realizing her ebony tits were hanging out of her black lace crop shirt. “Oops, I am so sorry about my tits they seem to love attention.” Keith, the oldest brother, stood tall with a grin as he saw that Nicole had no panties under her skirt. Her fat chocolate pussy came into the open as her skirt rose while talking to the brothers.Trying to be modest she felt the slight breeze on her pussy lips then made an adjustment to her skirt. 

Walking up closer to Nicole, the shorter brother Damon went up to her nipple then began to suck on it generously. She couldn’t resist his touch and began playing with her pussy lips as the other brothers began to dis robe.Surrounding her like prey Johnathan took his cock to her lips tapping it gently. Nicole easily began sucking on his cock as his brother Keith stood behind raising her skirt. Ass cheeks apart Keith slowly slide his hard fat cock into her wet pussy. Enjoying the excitement, her pussy gave his cock a warm vibration while sending him into ecstasy. Bent over on the couch, all brothers were pleasuring Nicole the first black woman they had ever had. Her mouth became a haven for all of their cocks as they took turns sliding in and out. Fucking her slowly Johnathan put his body against her big belly which made his brothers want her more. In haste, Keith put his brother to the side and began putting his tongue deep into Nicole’s wet pussy. Pulsating upon his lips a climax came over his body and sent his cum spraying into the air randomly. In a daze of lust, he gets up then pats his brother Johnathan on the back while Damon put his cock back into Nicole’s wanting mouth. “Love you brother this is best experience I ever had, can we all have her?” Damon began to put a full load of cum into Nicole’s mouth as he heard his brother Keith. Licking her lips Nicole furnished a sneaky grin then said, “You boys can have me anytime.