Confession: 203

An intrusion on my part which gave life to his moans. He grabbed the sheets as if my name was Big Dick Daddy. Pushing back on me I felt a warm feeling on my face. My naughty pursuit made his head turn to see if it was really me. Moving slowly I parted my way while stroking his dick. Veins bulging, I wanted more for him in that moment. Easing back off the stroke, I gave a deep kiss as the pillow saved the best of him.

He Watches and I Fuck

Jealousy can be like sticky honey that teases your tongue till satisfaction. I love to make him wait or watch. His eyes follow me as I play with my pussy while watching other men. The sweet smell of my body chokes his desire as I suck another mans cock. I’m not the only one who is rewarded for my lust.

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I know this to be true that love can be death. I can only look in her eyes for a few minutes before I start to weep. Her hand in mine is the way it should be. My fist to the wall, I wonder if she even thinks about me. The sheets swallow me as I remember that she brought them. Running down the stairs I stumble into my own pool of tears. Peering out the window I see love has saturated my neighborhood. Staring at my phone I see love is burning up my data. Falling back up the stairs, I crawl back into my bed. In a whirlwind I fall victim to my dreams in hopes of seeing her once again.