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I know this to be true that love can be death. I can only look in her eyes for a few minutes before I start to weep. Her hand in mine is the way it should be. My fist to the wall, I wonder if she even thinks about me. The sheets swallow me as I remember that she brought them. Running down the stairs I stumble into my own pool of tears. Peering out the window I see love has saturated my neighborhood. Staring at my phone I see love is burning up my data. Falling back up the stairs, I crawl back into my bed. In a whirlwind I fall victim to my dreams in hopes of seeing her once again.

Favorite Sex Position: Anal

I’m focused on the bed frame as he slides in slowly. Legs spread slightly I moan just a little as his thick cock becomes my prisoner. I love this position because I feel powerful yet innocent. His moans turn me on so bad. I know some think this is wrong but it feels right. He palms my ass cheeks as he goes in then out. In harmony, we both moan loudly sharing our passion one stoke at a time. Then joy fills my body as he comes sloppily inside me making me wet. So yea that’s my favorite position.

-Livia Flair

No Touching

A tad mad, I say for a dreary man. I walk briskly through feathers careful not to disturb their peace. My eyes bulge slightly as I crawl into my skin fighting the urge. Entrapped dare I even whisper, and they are on to me. No comfort as devilish desire drip from my lips from the sight of them. I was told not to stare too long or they could keep me, prisoner, forever.

I am weary and feeble as they draw me into their treacherous frame. Various colors spoil me rotten as they get close to me yet I am a fool.
Throw me away sweet desire, I don’t even deserve you!

I settled in my chair worried about those eyes taunting me.
Sharp green or sparkly brown read into me so deep I crumble. I look for a way in just to convey a few words then something pulls me back.

Why am I merely like this?

Please tear me away from this discomfort!

Blood pumping quickly I stand to my feet frozen as they surround me with their compact forms and tall weapons.

No! I won’t let you win this time.

I move quickly through their enchanted forest to reach the outside. For a moment, I am relieved then as I look towards the path forward, they come for me again.