Confession: After Work

Familiar footsteps behind me, I stopped instantly in the middle of the dark parking lot. In sync with each other, a raspy sigh broke the silence. “Livia, do you want to go grab a drink?” I turned to see my co-worker running his fingers through his golden hair. Looking into his eyes, I tugged at my bottom lip while flashing a sweet smile. In an awkward pose he stood clumsy as my eyes averted to the well-endowed physique before me. “Just a drink?”I replied while turning back to walk to my car. Swiftly beyond my reach he ran eagerly to the car then slightly slumped like a cool frat boy by the door. Approaching like a lone wolf I put his body at attention as he stood like a bodyguard protecting a queen. My eyes zeroed in on his cock which made him smile nervously. Taking in his height, I looked at him closely then gently pressed my chocolate lips against his. Giving into my seduction his eyes closed as my hands reached down into his trousers. Rubbing his mighty cock against the tinted window of the car brought him into my world.Moans escaped his lips as he began to grind against me. The rhythm of both our bodies became a forbidden dance between us. Taking control of his sensuality I whispered to him, “Can I have a drink?”Unable to control the moment he nodded with a yes. When his trousers fell around the ankles, I took his vanilla cock into full ebony lips.Stroking my mouth with his enormous cock, we both became awoke with passion. Pulling away from his cock, I took off all my clothes revealing a voluptuous curvy frame. He became wild with desire then placed me on the hood of the car fucking me like we always were this close. Laying on the hood playing in my chocolate walls, I took his cock back into cherry stained lips. Standing above he dipped his cock in then out my mouth. Pussy swelled with happiness as I enjoyed him filling my throat. Bright lights became dark while still in the parking lot as he filled my mouth with warm vanilla cream. I swallowed every single drop as he shouted joyfully, ” Oh fuck yes!” Rising from our sensual battle, I promptly put my clothes back on then thanked him for the drink.



There is this excitement when you know everybody wants to be in your pussy. When you walk by they smile and stare at your breast as if they are candy. That feeling that you are wanted by many is intoxicating and crazy at the same time. However, its not a bad thought to slide one member out your mouth and another in. Its a good feeling to be surrounded by dripping cocks wanting to pleasure you to no end. No reason to be shy, just bring it all in and let your body make all the decisions.