Confession: 203

An intrusion on my part which gave life to his moans. He grabbed the sheets as if my name was Big Dick Daddy. Pushing back on me I felt a warm feeling on my face. My naughty pursuit made his head turn to see if it was really me. Moving slowly I parted my way while stroking his dick. Veins bulging, I wanted more for him in that moment. Easing back off the stroke, I gave a deep kiss as the pillow saved the best of him.

Favorite Sex Position: Anal

I’m focused on the bed frame as he slides in slowly. Legs spread slightly I moan just a little as his thick cock becomes my prisoner. I love this position because I feel powerful yet innocent. His moans turn me on so bad. I know some think this is wrong but it feels right. He palms my ass cheeks as he goes in then out. In harmony, we both moan loudly sharing our passion one stoke at a time. Then joy fills my body as he comes sloppily inside me making me wet. So yea that’s my favorite position.

-Livia Flair

When I am on Top

“Gloria please tell me why you avoid me?” Standing in front of her not letting her escape his gaze. “I didn’t think you really were serious about me,” she says softy as she tries to not look into his eyes. Jaden then grabs her hand and leads her to the couch to rest her large bottom. He kneels in front of her and parts her thighs slowly. “Gloria, I want to be right here forever and I have never been more serious about someone in my life.” He moves up her skirt more and presses his lips to her inner thigh. Looking at her he lays another kiss to her other thigh. “But Jaden….,” she lets go soft breathes as her body starts to react to his passion. Jaden seamlessly reaches behind her gliding his hands into her black lace panties and pulls them down over her curvy ass.  Tossing them to the floor he looks at her chocolate pussy and spreads her pink lips. Gloria’s pussy pulsates as he sucks her wet lips into his. His kiss is ever lasting as she starts to moan softly as his tongue plays within her domain. As his kiss comes to an end, Jaden eases back from her thighs and looks at her with intensity. “Gloria the kiss I gave you will forever bond us and I want you always in my life that is why I want to make you my wife.” Jaden gets down on one knee and pulls a bright diamond ring from his pocket and places it on Gloria’s chubby finger. She smiles at him while saying yes to his proposal. Jaden then grabs her by the hand and pulls her to a stance in front of him. He then slowly takes off his pants and sits on the couch. His large cock stands straight up and he welcomes her to sit on him. Gloria turns around with her ass face his cock while Jaden spreads her cheeks. She sits snug on his cock and their hands glide into each others as they become husband and wife.