Confession: 206

Every night I dream about him. The scene is always different but my position is the same. Yesterday I was on top of him while he sat on the couch. Tonight I’m on top of him as he sits on a dark brown office chair. However tonights dream is a little different because my ex is watching us. He stands in the hallway watching me ride this big dick. Licking my lips, I watch him fighting with his desire. Then as I hug tighter to my ride the image of my ex disappears. Then I become lost in all that is for me. To wake up only to dream again.


Favorite Sex Position: Anal

I’m focused on the bed frame as he slides in slowly. Legs spread slightly I moan just a little as his thick cock becomes my prisoner. I love this position because I feel powerful yet innocent. His moans turn me on so bad. I know some think this is wrong but it feels right. He palms my ass cheeks as he goes in then out. In harmony, we both moan loudly sharing our passion one stoke at a time. Then joy fills my body as he comes sloppily inside me making me wet. So yea that’s my favorite position.

-Livia Flair