Confession: 198

Every other week I would receive a text from him. No decorative words just a simple greeting and nothing more. The virus kept us apart but heartache became the main factor. As we began to sober up from a drunk filled fantasy I still believed that there was something special about us. Facing a new reality he found love for me once again. Through short conversations about life we became supportive friends , sharing stories about our day. Laughter kept us smiling and wondering if we still felt the same. So one day we decided to meet despite the danger that floated in the air.

I got ready, thinking about what I missed. His smell and the taste of soft lips all came back to me. While putting lip gloss on, I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and there he stood smiling at me. Stepping forward he gave me a single red rose. This gesture of sweetness made me smile and hug him gently. We sat on the couch and watched a movie while he laid upon my lap. Then it became clear that we both yearned for the same joy. I sat in the right frame of mind at the moment but heartache kept poking at me. Then as I pulled away his desire tried to bring me back but it was too late.


He Watches and I Fuck

Jealousy can be like sticky honey that teases your tongue till satisfaction. I love to make him wait or watch. His eyes follow me as I play with my pussy while watching other men. The sweet smell of my body chokes his desire as I suck another mans cock. I’m not the only one who is rewarded for my lust.

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short stories

Let Me Watch You Cum

Women bashful in their existence often put fantasy to the back of their minds. Today, my body cried for a warm for touch yet there is no rescue. After a few moments of going through my phone, I received a video from a new friend. The video started with the sound of pouring rain. An orgy became the background on a huge television screen as he stood by the bed. Standing tall, he gripped his shaft while jerking off to the gang bang on the screen. The lotion gave a good slip as he pumped back and forth. Moans of pleasure escaped from the television screen as he stroked his cock faster. I watched with envy wanting to be there sitting in front of him. Squeezing as he pumped gradually I could envision his cock in my mouth. The urge to be there became intense as he let his climax take control. Light droplets fell to the bed as he kept pumping his fat cock. I let the video replay as I began to pleasure myself. Rubbing my pussy as the last bit of cum spew from his cock. An electrifying pulse echoed throughout my body as I surrender to my fantasy.