Julian and Honey

Like a wolf focused on prey, I gave into her deepest desires. She lay with innocent eyes as I sucked her fat clit. Soulful moans made the journey easy as I tongue fucked her swollen pussy. Silk sheets kept chubby knuckles wrapped like a gift as I went deeper. A melody of soft notes spelled out my name in a burst. The attitude that led to the argument became a buried subject. In this moment we became what was always meant to be. Hi I’m Julian…

New story series Julian and Honey

Livia Flair 12-21

She was thinking about you the whole time -Livia Flair

The Play: Strange Beauty

The second half of the play has started. … please sit

Intro: In walks Antonio staring up at Strange beauty as she drips her lovely curves onto the balcony.

Antonio: you are so lovely tonight, how is that you widen the corners of my mouth?

Strange beauty: actually your smile was ever so present as you peered deep into my candy cottons .

Antonio: ah well such bountiful rounds I wish to hold them in a kiss that will last till infinity my love.

Strange beauty: come closer and pinch the peak of my desire then devour these mounds as if they set your body ablaze with this fire.

Antonio: two fingers deep into the woman you are, I feel your tears of honey coat me so well.

Strange beauty: so come to me Antonio…….

Livia Flair 12-14

When your heart is not in it but you fuck them anyway

I can open my door and go out among so many faces looking for you. Then at that very moment I look away and you appear before me. Cloaked in greatness as you take my hand for a kiss. I smile as we gather our love then race to what we knew it should of been all along. –Livia Flair

Been A Legend 4 a long time

“Can’t fuck dreams but they can fuck you.” – Livia Flair