Confession: 203

An intrusion on my part which gave life to his moans. He grabbed the sheets as if my name was Big Dick Daddy. Pushing back on me I felt a warm feeling on my face. My naughty pursuit made his head turn to see if it was really me. Moving slowly I parted my way while stroking his dick. Veins bulging, I wanted more for him in that moment. Easing back off the stroke, I gave a deep kiss as the pillow saved the best of him.

Confession: 194 [Sex Confession]

Lately I have been keeping his secret close to my heart. He admires me without saying words. As he prepares to serve me like a queen, he tells childhood stories filled with exciting adventures. I sit listening as he cuts big bright tomatoes, peppers, and ginger. His smile widens as he pours a glass of wine just for me. As his masterpiece becomes art, I take a bite.

Every flavor takes me somewhere different. Then I nod in approval as he asks if I want chocolate chip cookies for desert. Carefully I fall in love with his tall frame and beautiful eyes. Aesthetically exotic he carries me away nightly in my dreams. Then as stars fill our space I remember he is just my friend, so I tuck away wet dreams then go home once again.

Confession: 153

I was on the bike working on my body as usual when I realized that no one is here. I didn’t plan it that way but it happened today. As I passed two miles on the bike, I started to watch some porn to pass the time. Big dicks going in out of large asses made my legs move faster. As the riding got closer to four miles I began to watch different women swallow huge cocks.

The heat between my thighs intensified so I moved my legs faster. The more I watched, my pussy began throbbing as if it needed to be rescued. I wanted to stop peddling but I couldn’t. Panties wet with desire I started to rub against my clit. The next video showed a woman like me fucking two guys at once. My lips became moist, as I watched him fuck her throat while the other man ate her swollen fat pussy. The throbbing between my thighs came strong like a heartbeat so I stopped peddling. I stood up took off my black panties and sat back down on the bike. I rubbed against the warm leather seat back then forth. The crown tip of the seat tickled my pussy so I kept rubbing. Still watching the video, he began to finger her pussy as the other guy sucked her dark nipples. This high took me somewhere I never been so I let the tip of the bike seat stroke my fat lips. The more I moved back and forth, I felt as if I was part of that video.

No one to silence my passion, I moaned loud as I fingered my pussy. The warm leather felt so good that I could no longer contain this passion. A sensation came over me as I rubbed my nipples, submitting to a desire all too real. The video ended in sync with my climax then I began to peddle again.