Favorite Fantasy: FMF

Two bodies learning the language of lust, when she walks in. Legs spread she takes all the energy from me. I grab the sheets as if they are familiar as I twist with confusion. How could she know my body like this? Then as our act becomes complex, he slides inside her deeply, stroking hard as the bed shakes. Then are roles become different as I sit on her face. Soft lips take in his pride as I watch him moan then call my name.


Confession: 146

The size of him can freestyle in my anal wickedly. Devilish charm makes his agenda unknown to me but I like secrets. Does he like to fuck everyday? I will find out because I’m curious as to why I never seen him before. Fat pussy pulls him away then sucks him in as he pumps cum through my wet valley. Naturally, unnaturally I bend then grind upon his own insecurity as his hand makes a print on my ass. I want to devour his essence but he to fresh to have this kind of fun. Window open I enjoy the breeze as I get on my knees to service the President.