short stories

Call Me to Fuck

“Have you arrived at work?” Jared said as I got out of the car and walked into my building. “Yes I am here,” unloosening the belt from my coat as I went into the elevator. The door slammed shut and he continued his questioning. “Did you put on the black skirt with the white shirt, like I told you?” He said when the elevator door opened to my office on the sixteenth floor. “Yes just like you told me with no bra,” I could tell his smile had widened through excited tone. I told him before I arrived that this would be so in appropriate to sit in my office with a white blouse and no bra. He shook off my insecurities and told me to turn on my computer so he could see me. The camera came on and there he was sitting on the couch stroking his cock. I started to put down my phone but he said no, just keep it up to my ear. “Call in Rick to your office and have him do something for you,” still stroking his cock I paused as he seen my resistance to his request. “Victoria Call Rick into your office now,” I hesitated a sec and let my assistant know to summon Rick to my office. My breasts were bouncing in my shirt while my nipples almost perked into open spaces between my buttons. My thighs rubbed against each other as I sat there waiting for him to arrive. Jared wanted me to open my shirt but I told him Rick was at the door.

He walked in smiling as if I had good news but then his eyes started to divert to my blouse. I leaned back in my chair and stared at him for a minute while I gathered my thoughts. My nipples might as well been in his mouth because thats all he could focus on. “Rick I need an excel sheet on lasts weeks profits some time today,” my phone still up to my ear I hear Jared moaning and asking me to rub my big perky nipples in front of Rick. I looked Rick all over and handed him the data as pinched my left nipple slowly and twisting it between my fingers. His mouth partied slowly as if he is standing in front of me sucking my nipple. I realized that he was pulling away from reality when Jared told me to turn on the other camera in the office.

Jared stroked his cock faster when he saw Rick standing there adjusting his pants trying to keep from having a hard cock as he looked at me. Jared moaned into the phone, “Open your legs and rub that fat pussy for Rick,” Rick was so lost into me that he didn’t even realize that he as rubbing against pants even faster than before. I got from behind my desk and walked in front of Rick with big thighs rubbing against the other. I slowly pulled up my skirt and sat on my desk while opening my legs. My strawberry fat pussy was so wet and Rick started to lick his tongue all over his lips. Still holding the phone up to my ear, “Tell him to lick that fat juicy pussy,” Jared moaned into the phone as he began to climax to another high. Rick got closer to my wet lips and put his tongue deep into my wetness. Warm thighs caressed his face as he went deep, circling his tongue inside my walls. Jared moaned into my ear loving how Rick was playing with my pussy. Suddenly Rick moved back and stood up to pull out his dick and to my surprise it was so big. Jared seen what he was doing and told me to close my legs and stop. I moaned into the phone “I can’t stop Jared my pussy has to be served, see you when you get back from Dubai.”



“Hello Victoria?” 


short stories

The Doctor

“Are you going to the doctor?” My sister inquired. The covers were pulled over my head as I tossed and turned not wanting to get up. “Yes, I am going in a second!”I screamed. The door slammed and I could hear a soft mumble from her lips as she rushed down the stairs off to work. I don’t like living with her but her craziness smooths out my laziness. However she works these weird late night hours so I hardly even see her except for in the morning. The doctor, something that I was not overly thrilled about but I needed to go because a few weeks ago I started to have these sensations that were not allowing me to sleep. Some nights I would even wake up in a cold sweat and could barely go back to a state of rest. After a few minutes of tussling with the idea of going to the doctor, I decided to get up and go. I always fuss about what to wear but today I made it easy by just grabbing a pair of black jeans and a red crop top. My sister thinks a crop top on a big girl is insane but I have been watching a lot of You Tube lately and the fashion gurus say, “Fuck the rules!” I agree as I smile at my self in the mirror. No time to curl my hair so I slap some mousse through my black locks and put on my favorite black stud earrings. I looked back into my reflection to make sure everything was perfect and went out the door.

Even though the city is busy I drive everywhere because I love to gaze. No matter where I am, I seem to always find a store to go into or a park to walk through. Since I do most of my work at home, my day is free to do whatever I want. Sometimes I stop by the book store to chat with my friend Laura who always seems to direct me towards the romantic books. Then on some days I go get a scoop of my favorite ice cream which is butter nut caramel. I always seem to meet interesting people when I go in there which makes me come back for more. However just riding through the city brings a smile to my face because I see all kinds of people going on about their day. Some of them look like they’re in a hurry and others look disappointed. Although I am looking over the tall buildings, I almost forgot why I was riding around in the first place. I soon come upon 25th Lloyd street which is where my doctor is located. I park my car then proceed to go into the building already thinking about what I will do after the appointment.

After almost running into someone by the elevator, I arrive at the office of my doctor. The office is sleek and modern like something out of a magazine. The walls are grey and white with little specks of diamonds peeking out from the pattern. I filled out my name on the wait sheet then I sat down waiting for my turn. For a second I began to build some anxiety because I don’t know how to explain my symptoms without sounding all crazy. Thoughts rush through my head then she says, “Samantha the doctor will see you now,” I got up from the sturdy chair that hugged my butt and followed the nurse. She took me to a room, told me to undress and that the doctor should be in shortly. Taking my clothes off in front of a man is more terrifying to me than being at the doctor. As I unhooked my bra I began to think how this appointment would go and how should I explain my symptoms when a knock came to the door. Two knocks and the doctor came in a stood there frozen. I don’t know who is more shocked him or I but I knew this man is not my regular doctor.