Sweetheart: A Valentines Day Story

imagesThe night sky became the perfect backdrop as Madeline sat on the bench outside the coffee shop. A gown of red flowers made an impression to the ground as tears fell softly on her cheek. A fairy tale in her mind, Madeline always had dreams of luscious flowers and smooth chocolates on Valentine’s Day.Yet every year the outcome would yield the same result. Her date, Thomas sent a text letting her know he could not make the event. Alone on the dark, snowy street, Madeline stood from the cold bench crying as she took the journey back home. Upon arriving at her doorstep, she saw that Jordan had fallen asleep again by the stoop. Taking off her shawl she gently put it on his torn jacket then when up to her apartment.
Closing the blinds to her windows, she saw that Jordan had made his way back to his apartment.Feeling that Jordan would be okay, she took two Godiva chocolate cookies from the package above the fridge. Resting in her favorite chair in the living room Madeline sat like a princess among her warm blankets watching Pretty Woman. As the night descended into darkness, she heard a tap on her door. Pulling down her skimpy red baseball nightdress, she went to the door quickly. Peering slightly into the hallway light she observes a red rose poking its way through. As the door widens Jordan stood in a sleek black Italian suit with his short curls cascading to one side. Smiling at Madeline, he said,”I knew from the moment I saw you that no one else could be my Valentine.“His words put a girly smile on her face which made Madeline bring Jordan into her home. 
Face to face with her hair up in a long ponytail, Madeline began to wipe the chocolate from her fingers on her red shirt. Noticing her lack of a napkin, Jordan took her chocolate fingers into his mouth leaving nothing else to share. In awe of his seduction, Madeline stood there as the single rose began a trail in between her large chocolate breasts. Slowly Jordan began lifting her shirt exposing her shapely bouncy breasts. Small wispy breaths from his lips began to harden her fat perky nipples. As a servant to his passion, she let him take complete control as her feet left the floor. Carrying her over to the couch, Jordan laid her body like a gentle rose not to be tampered with. Madeline knew this was the night she always dreamed of and began to close her eyes. Tender kisses became like the most expensive jewelry down her neck.Each one felt like something new and valuable as Jordan put passion into each one. Madeline full of love clasped his hand then put it in her lacy red panties. As he felt in between her wet pussy lips Jordan came to an abrupt stop. “Madeline, you are the sweetheart that has looked over me, let me take care of you forever.” Jordan then put his hand back into her wet panties parting her juicy pussy lips. His tongue took a journey inside her throbbing pussy as the two became sweethearts to each other on Valentine’s Day. 

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