Back Office Games

In our world today, people are consumed with technology. It is no surprise that most of us have a long distance relationship. Even if you never met the person in real you still communicate daily by video, text, or voice. Although there are apps out there to bring two people close together there is a bottle neck in getting to know a person sexually. Sexting helps stretch the love but it only helps on the surface. How does someone know what the other person really wants if they never touched their hand? I am not an expert but I know how to bring people closer. I have created several games that will keep your cock hard and your lips wanting more. So no more unwanted cock pics, lets play some sexy games and indulge in some creative apps.


  • Smartphone
  • Whats app
  1. Pick three sexy pics from the internet and  send them to each other. Use the reply arrow on whats app and label each pic who you would Marry, Do a threesome, and Throw away. Try to make the pic choices kind of wild or really sexy that the choice is kind of hard. This game is so much fun and you will be laughing at each others choices. 

Example:  Click the photos to see the tags


  1. Pick random sexy anime cards from online and create stories. Send them to each other and create wild endings.

Example: Laura looked out in the wild and seen a strong man staring back at her. She rubbed her nipples as he walked forward then said______.


  1. Select sex positions from online that you want to do but never have done.
  2. Play tic tac fuck by using a game pic online then use the Whats app reply button to mark your X or O. If you have time make your own tic tac board by adding sexy pics or writing fantasies on the board.

Example: blank-tic-tac-toe-board-blank-tic-tac-toe-game-board

  1. Both of you send each other five sexy positions online and rate them from 1 to 10.
  2. Both of you download Kindu and do the daily challenge and see how you match. If you get to meet in person you can do some of these fantasies onto each other.
  3. Pick ten sexy questions online and see how fast you can answer them.
  4. Send each other emoji and guess what they mean.

Example: maxresdefault.jpg

  1. Send each other a Whats app voice message but whisper really soft and guess what the other person is saying.
  2. Get sex coupons from online and send them to each other.