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Confession : 219

I’m an imposter. I only dream of sucking three cocks at one time, not sure if I would do it. I see myself always parting her thighs and licking the sweetest spot, however I wouldn’t do it. I want his father to fuck me for hours then squirt old kids into my mouth. It sounds… Continue reading Confession : 219

AND THEN SOME | Erotic poetry

AND THEN SOME what I think she meant was I want us to be one and then some but there were mountains and valleys mountains and so much of an echo I … AND THEN SOME | Erotic poetry

🎶Late at night (#Erotic Poetry)

Late at night when all the world is sleeping.. I’ll stay up to make love to you, This is what I’ll do… I’ll rub on you slow then you can let your … 🎶Late at night (#Erotic Poetry)