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Confession 205:

I could spell it out for you however I’m furious. By choice, I request him the one that keeps your eyes wide open. You know the “other one” who puts lips to flesh like a champ. The one who gives wet kisses to my warm domain. Do you hear his soft cries inside me as I vibrate against his tongue? His name adorns my walls like a painting as he makes me cum multiple times. I lay awake every night wanting his touch all over me. My body desires him but he taunts me because of you. He undoubtedly knows of your presence, yet nevertheless comes for me. So tonight don’t wait for up because … Continue reading Confession 205:

Confession: 204

We used to be twisted in this thing called lust. Then I became clumsy disturbing your fake peace. Somedays I created a new throne and you would sit high smiling. Then sometimes I would look up and you would have your back to me. Even though I stayed flying by your side you were focused … Continue reading Confession: 204