Readers Q & A

Q-1 – Is Threesomes such an exciting experience ?

All of us have our own sexual threesome fantasies running in our minds every now and then even though we won’t all talk about it with anyone. And watching porn brings out the darker, deviant sides within us all. Watching porn makes us imagine things more clearly, and especially if you’re watching different kinds of porn while having sex with your lover, it drives your mind crazy and brings all kinds of dirty talking and sexual fantasies to the fore.

From my experience, I must warn you though that if you ever want to have a threesome with your partner, both of you need to trust each other completely. And you need to use threesome sex as a means to heighten sexual pleasure and experiment in bed, and never as an excuse to get to have sex with someone else you’re attracted to. You both can set clear ground rules and boundaries before entering into a threesome, don’t overstep those rules in the heat of the moment for any reason. Sometimes, rules can feel like chores. But by following these rules, or at least keeping them in your mind, you can subconsciously try to avoid any threats to the relationship, while making your partner feel more loved and sexy at the same time.

So if both of you feel ready to have a threesome , you may keep in mind :

  • Avoid bringing a good friend to bed, or someone you have to meet regularly, just someone you know well and lives far.
  • Neither partner should have any romantic feelings for the third person involved. It’s just sex.
  • Spend a while sitting together or having a few drinks.
  • Keep a lot of condoms nearby.
  • Giving too much attention to the third person may make your lover feel ignored.
  • Next morning let your partner know that nothing’s changed and you still want and desire your partner more than any other person.