Livia Tales

Red Riding Hood

The tall beast, ran through the woods chasing Raven in her long red cape. An extended tree branch gave a lashing as she ran by. Rapid heart beats broke the silence as hungry growls faded in the distance.

Then Raven felt the dark trees cave in as protection. The beast came before the protector yet no strength could undo their bond. Pacing back and forth he stroked his massive cock snarling at Raven. Her eyes sat with fright as tears began to drip onto an exposed supple breast. Raven felt powerless but she knew what had to be done.

Raven got closer to the edge of her protection as the growls from beast intensified. Standing before the beast, she showed him her wet pussy. The beast began to relax stroking his massive cock. His eyes turned from red to blue while stroking his cock staring at Raven.

Raven massaged her pussy lips while the beast kept focus. Her nipples delighted him as he watched closely.

Then as cum oozed from his cock, another beast stood watching. Swollen cocks soaked the ground with cum as they began to circle her protection. Raven rubbed her clit faster as she moaned loudly. The sound became arousing to the beasts as Ravens pussy grew in size. Then suddenly the protection disappeared revealing a bigger beast standing behind Raven fucking her anal. The two beast ran in fear while Raven gave the protector the best ride. 


30 days of Livia

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