Honey- Rough Draft v.1

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Two fingers in my pussy and I am already bored by this guy. I know I shouldn’t of came with him but what the hell I have nothing better to do. Behind the grocery store is a bit odd of a place to be with a guy I barely know but I really could give a fuck. My boyfriend gets angry when I fuck strangers but I broke up with him an hour ago just so I could fuck around. When I need him I call then disappear when boredom strikes again. He is like a walking piece of shit but his tongue is good. I only fuck with him because he gives me money and good head. My friends say its a good hustle  having him pay to eat my pussy yet there is more. I get so intoxicated off of him licking inside my big pussy however I’m too boss to tell say that to his face. The alley is dark and here I am staring down on a guy I just met. When our eyes lock for a moment, I can tell he is drunk off my juice as his bothersome bulge beats against his jeans. “Move, we are done here!” as I pull down my skirt pushing him away swiftly. I always leave them standing with a hard dick because there is only one person I care to fuck but he is gone now.

“Honey the car arrived its all black like you asked for with tinted windows,” says my assistant as she walks over to hand me the keys. I pay her alot so I expect everything to be always on ten no matter what. She lives in the house that I barely claim because of all the shit I have to do. It seems as if I just make money, torture my assistant, and eat her pussy when I’m bored.  I don’t eat her pussy often because she is addicted which makes things complicated. One time I was giving a presentation to new investors when out the corner of my eye I seen my assistant. She had her skirt pulled up rubbing her clit just so I could see through the glass door. After the meeting I saw her in the hallway, leaning against the wall. I grabbed her by the neck then tore open the red blouse that kept two big breast in captivity. I sucked  on each one while she moaned soflty. A couple of employees walked by but they knew our situation so they pay us no mind. Her moans became silent as I put my hand over her mouth. Then as her firm breasts pressed against mine Gerald walked by with a big smile. Something was a little off, so I let go of my assistant then followed Gerald.

As an executive board member, Gerald passed out new policies like gum which made other members worry constantly. I liked to watch them adjust their seats every time Gerald had a new idea. Diane always agreed with whatever Gerald wanted which made the others mad. I tolerated him only because he makes good on his deals but he can’t fuck worth shit.

Arriving at his office, he turned around then looked at me with a surprised face. “Do you always have to fondle your employees in the office?” He said as I stood with my arms folded. I leaned into him then watched him become a coward before by eyes. “Gerald, this is my office and I do what I want when I want, got it?”

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