Fantasy Vault


Fantasy #34

Big and swollen, I want him and him in each of my holes. I want it to last all night and put me to bed with the dicks of George, Rick, and Ted

Fantasy #36  [mff]

She is sucking all the juices inside me as his fat cock fills my mouth. We are both daddy girls and he is making us both happy. Sucking her nipples he still fucks my mouth like a good daddy would. “I ask him can I please my daddy with any wish?”, he bends me over and teases my anal while I lick deep inside her pussy.

Fantasy #42

He pulls me inside his apartment and locks the door behind me. Quickly he grabs my hands and raises my arms above my head pinning me to the door. He kisses down my neck and pushes his hands down into my panties. His fingertips massage my pussy as I moan into his ear.  A hard cock brushes up against me and as he pleasures my body I see his neighbor peaking through the window jacking off. Sliding his hand up and down his cock he keeps my interests by rubbing the tip. We lock eyes as the pleasure before me takes over my body and then my shirt comes off. Nipples exposed the neighbor strokes his cock faster and faster.

Fantasy # 53  [mfm]

His dad puts me on the kitchen counter, while his wife is at work. He leans in and sniffs my white panties then fingers me as I moan loud in his house. Then he has an idea, he wants his neighbor Billy to see some of the action as he cuts the grass. Me and David’s dad go out in the backyard just so Billy could see us. He looks over gives a nod and then David’s dad bends me over the patio table and slides his hard cock deep inside me. He fucks me as my nipples become harder. Billy stops cutting grass and starts stroking his old cock watching us. Eventually he comes over and joins us sucking on my hard nipples as David’s dad fucks me so good.

Fantasy #91

I got off work, there is my handsome husband waiting for me outside. He opens the door for me and I get inside the car. Then he gives me a kiss and tells me that I need to do something for him. Driving for a short time we arrive at home but we didn’t go in the house. He leads me to the back yard where there is a chair sitting by itself. I began to wonder for a second but he starts to take off all his clothes. He walks over to me with his cock erect and then takes off all my clothes. He takes me by the hand over to the chair and bends me over. My ass spread open he slides his huge cock into me but as he fucks me from behind I feel someone licking my nipples. Our neighbors Joann and Tim came over to join the fun and it was the best day I ever had.


Fantasy #33

I wanted to play with my pussy in the work bathroom but I heard someone come in saying “Maintenance is anyone in here?” At first I thought to stay silent but then I said, “Yea hold a sec.” I was kind of pissed because I really wanted to play in my wet pussy. As I began to adjust my skirt and walk out, I caught a glimpse of the maintenance guy. He stood tall and rugged with green eyes. I opened the door and apologized for taking too long. As I washed my hands I could feel him staring at me intensely. Walking away from the sink he then said to me, “Miss you left your black panties in the stall.” Embarrassed I quickly went back to get them as he stood there watching me. Sliding them back on he said, “You have a fat pussy Miss.” I then turned to him and said,”Yea fat and wet right now.”

Preface: Someone came up to me and said I looked pretty while he was sucking on a lifesaver candy. I started to wonder what it would be like to be his lifesaver.

Fantasy: 69

We stared at each other at lunch but both quickly looked away when our boss came into the room. His dark dreamy eyes made me feel alive every time I saw him. Nothing would bring us together because even though we like to stare our worlds were far apart. John is an accountant who loves to talk numbers and obsessively likes tomato soup. Every day like clock work he would go into the break room and stir his tomato soup before putting it in the microwave. At first I felt sorry for him but soon realized the boring tomato soup is his way of being organized. As I sat in the break room following his routine, I became distracted by the news on the TV. Returning back to my detective work I saw that John had left the room. Disappointed I began to pack my things when a lunch bag dropped in front of me. It was John, standing before me with his nerdy frame, sexy lips and gorgeous eyes. My mouth partly open yet wet with desire, John leaned in as he sat down at the table. “Can I have you for lunch?” he asked as he pulled out his fat cock. I looked around for eyes upon us as he began stroking his fat cock in front of me. My eyes widen with lust as my pussy burst with excitement while he kept rubbing the tip. Lost without words, I felt his cock tapping my lips. I wanted to suck all of it, but I had a lifesaver candy in my mouth. I opened my mouth for him and pointed to the lifesaver candy. No novel could ever write what happened next as my mouth sat open for his huge cock. John rubbed his cock slowly then took his tongue and put it in the center of my lifesaver while sucking it into his sexy lips. Smiling as he stole my candy; he came back closer for a deeper kiss. 

As soon as I…        

“Livia! wake up you fell asleep in the break room, its me John you have been in here for two hours.“As he shook my shoulders, I opened my mouth and showed him the lifesaver candy on my tongue. 

Preface: Online a long time ago was so innocent for many of us. We spent nights laughing and enjoying conversations that we would otherwise never had. Bob at work is not going to tell you his foot fetish but Jacob from the chat room will. My encounters online have led me places that would be so dangerous today but back then I had to be satisfied no matter what.


Fantasy: 51

“Are you rubbing your pussy?” he said as we both typed back and forth. He couldn’t see anything but knowing that I had spread my legs with two fingers inside my fat pussy delighted him. Then he went into a fantasy that only could manifest online. “How wet are you?” he said as sentences became keywords because he was stroking his cock. “I want to be your bitch, ” he said as I began to adjust in my chair. I pondered the thought for a moment then I told him, “No bitches allowed but you can be my internet slave.”


Preface: This man won’t take no for an answer because he is powerful and although this situation can be tough for some its a fantasy for me.

Fantasy: 211

He comes into the room with a black brief case then puts it on the desk. I look at him not knowing what to expect but I know that he has come to fuck me. He tosses his tie to the floor and tells me to pick it up and I tell him no. A smile appears under angry eyes then he picks up the tie off the floor. I turn away from him in my chair and he spins me around to face him once again. We lock eyes then he opens my blouse like the savage he is. My chest raises with fear and lust as he grabs my large tits fondling my nipples. As my lips lust for his, he pulls me closer to him then takes the tie placing it behind my back. My eyes widen with anticipation as he brings both parts of the tie to secure my tits. Hoping he would fuck me, he took the tie to my back again then secured my hands. As my lips parted wanting to suck his white cock he said, “What do you want?” I looked into his eyes biting my lip then said, “I want you to fuck me like I lost the case.”