Confession: 202

I left him with with pieces of me inside his lips. Cradled like a baby he cried for me then I let go. A new day and I found something very real. Ass bent over I gave him the best part of me with no regret. Then sweet drops laced my lips as I swallowed the best part of him. Now we are something unique not special at all. I silence all desire with my pussy on his face. Then he held me close telling me words that I’ll never forget.


I’d love to fuck your mouth then fuck you in the ass while you cum on my dick a few times. You want me to stroke your pussy so you suck my dick clean and spread your legs inviting me in. As I stroke in and out going deeper and harder in yo pussy you begin to dig your nails in my back. Im breathing in your neck, you’re arching your back more and more. I start to feel my self erupt can’t hold it anymore. You begin to massage my dick wit your lips, swirling your tongue around the tip…I EXPLODE!!!!

Cum Facial Interview

I love cum facials on my face and chest. Anytime the guy is ready to cum this is my preference. I like to rub the cock on my lips and dip it in then out like a lollipop.

When I have encountered a stranger they tend to want to eat my pussy first. However I have done a random blow job with cum facial and it was glorious.

Yes I have been tity fucked.

I have given blow jobs in a variety of places. It doesn’t matter to me where it happens as long as the cum facial is worth it.